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Re: Articles & interviews

And the last one about the Berdych match in Australia (An unindentified tennistic object):

Berdych was completely mad after the match because it's impossible to find one's rhythm against Gilles. "He's a bit like those Frenchies who look ... [he makes a nonchalant gesture, with arms dangling]. He serves big three times in a row and then he serves as if he was throwing the ball with the hand. He looks like he's exhausted and then hits winners out of the blue..."
But this time, it wasn't just bluff. Gilles' tactics was to play without any intensity and to drive Berdych crazy.
Gilles isn't easy to coach with his mix of casualness off the court, stubborness and tenacity during the matches. "I know Jérôme (Potier) thinks I behave 'amateurishly' when it comes to the physical part of the training. It's not totally normal not to be able to walk after a first round match, that's true. He'd want me to work more. But I go through phases and sometimes it annoys me! I don't manage to keep the same intensity in training and in matches. If I miss a backhand in training, no big deal, I have 30 more tries."
Potier: "He has so many natural qualities that he isn't used to work. It's too bad because he has a better weight-power ratio than Ascione (whose nickname is "the Beef")! He's talented, clever and tenacious. And most of all, he doesn't whine anymore. He's much better since he has stopped telling his life story on the court during the matches." [I didn't know Gilles used to be a kind of Gaudio on the court! He's pretty impassive now.]
And the conclusion:
"Priceless in his devastating outspokenness, Gilles Simon can look forward to a radiant future: 'If I'm setting limits to myself? Right now, I would say no.'"

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