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Re: Articles & interviews

A few bits from the first AO 2006 articles:

The journalist describes him as "a 21-year-old 'lightweight' who looks like a sitcom actor and whose both thighs together are slimmer than one leg of Serena". ^^
After his first round, he called his coach Potier from the infirmary and told him to come because he wasn't feeling well at all. When Potier arrives, he laughes because Gilles is sleeping like a baby. "Gilles isn't a nutritional genius. His natural stamina is exceptional, but he doesn't really keep himself fit. And since he isn't used to play 5 sets matches, it leads to odd situations... Luckily, he's a great competitor. And when he doesn't whine on the court, he can do really great things."
After the Massu match, Forget was explaining to Clément with great enthusiasm: "This guy is a genius! I wish you would have seen how he bluffed his way through against Massu!"
His "off-beat" game reminds a little bit of Mecir or Mutis, with faster shots than Mecir and more doggedness than Mutis beneath his nonchalant attitude.
Gilles: "Everything is based on the physical aspect and it's obvious there's still a lot to do for me in that regard. I mean I have a good natural endurance, but 5 sets matches are another story. I'll need to develop my lower body. The problem is that I have to start from the scratch... It will be long, it will be hard, but I'll have to do it."

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