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Re: Doubles Tennis Tipping (DTT) Week 8: Rome and Challengers

DTT Daily Comments:

Sunday 14:20 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 6 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 7:

So, today is last day of Finals with the following matches:

- diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) vs. Drikke (DTT Singles 6): diego36arg finished the job yesterday thanks to a tight win of Nestor/Zimonjic over Gasquet/Santoro and the easy win of Bryans. Second win in a row in a tournament which brings diego36arg to the top of the Singles DTT ranking. Drikke is now second and will surely want his revenge at next Masters Series in Hamburg. Today is last day but just for fun. As in Davis Cup last Sunday when a team already leads 3-0, Drikke may want to close a little bit the gap with diego36arg (current score is 5-2) before heading to Hamburg.

Head 2 Head: Drikke 1 - 0 diego36arg (Indian Wells: 1R: Drikke def. diego36arg 7-7 SRs: 4-2)

- Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): Number 1 seed Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil took a significant advantage yesterday by leading 9-7. Only a miracle could save marr/MZverev-Fan but the Brazilians are so experienced that probability is close to null. Today should also be the day to confirm the win of the Brasilian dream team. What is unknown is the score difference. It may be either with a +1 or a +3 difference.

Head to Head: 0-0 since marr/MZverev-Fan are pairing for the first time.

Saturday 15:00 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 5 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 6:

So, today is second day of Finals with the following matches:

- diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) vs. Drikke (DTT Singles 6): diego36arg took a 3-2 (SRs: 2-0) advantage over Drikke and did not show any sign of fatigue in the first day of Final. He is cruising to a second title in a row but he may feel the pressure of becoming the new number 1. Drikke still has chances but may try to take risks on Saturday to reach also this number 1 place. It may be a all-or-nothing day.

Head 2 Head: Drikke 1 - 0 diego36arg (Indian Wells: 1R: Drikke def. diego36arg 7-7 SRs: 4-2)

- Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): both teams are tied 5-5 with a slight advantage for SRs to marr/MZverev-Fan team (4-3). The newly formed team can still create a huge surprise but it may be very tight and everything could be decided on Sunday.

Head to Head: 0-0 since marr/MZverev-Fan are pairing for the first time.

Friday 12:00 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 4 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 5:

diego36arg continues his winning streak with a tough win over MuriloBrasil. However, due to muscle strain, he had a slight injury which could prevent him from playing the final. If he is able to participate, he will face Drikke who had difficulties to beat Jeronimo, even if Jeronimo came on court very late and the referee penalized him with 1 1/2 set down. But Jeronimo seemed to be able to recover during one set (the one won by Blake/Fish) but finally, it was too difficult.

On Doubles side, vamos israel was too frightened by the Brasilian dream team Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil and preferred to not show up, leaving Drikke alone against them. So, it was easy win for the Brasilians who will face the surprising team of the week: marr/MZverev-Fan, taking advantage of Jeronimo's late appearance.

So, today is first day of Finals with the following matches:

- diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) vs. Drikke (DTT Singles 6): diego36arg seemed a little bit injured and might not be able to show up on time. It seems this is great opportunity for Drikke to win his first DTT Singles title. Both players are sure to be number 1 and 2 at next DTT Singles ranking but in which order ? The winner of this final will be the new number 1.
Head 2 Head: Drikke 1 - 0 diego36arg (Indian Wells: 1R: Drikke def. diego36arg 7-7 SRs: 4-2)

- Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): will the German/South American team beat the Brasilian ? It will be difficult since the Brasilian Team need to win this final to reach the number 1 rank. But, anyway, this promises a spectacular final.
Head to Head: 0-0 since marr/MZverev-Fan are pairing for the first time.

Thursday 11:00 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 3 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 4:

Singles DTT:

Due to w.o. of Acasuso/Gonzalez team, only 2 matches were counted for the QF day of DTT Singles and ... only 3 quarterfinals were played since Gigi, number 1 DTT Singles, had to walkover. The cause of the injury is mysterious but, maybe, Gigi wanted to re-join his Doubles DTT partner, tennis2006 in order to train for the French Open GrandSlam. Or is it because I suggested that MuriloBrasil would be my favourite for this match ? However, this is a nice present for MuriloBrasil (DTT Singles 11) who is very lucky this week. He has a bye to enter DTT Doubles SF and needed only 1 match to enter Singles SF. MuriloBrasil, winner in Valence, reaches his first SF in Masters Series and it is very likely that Gigi will lose his number 1 rank in DTT Singles after this tournament.

diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) confirmed his very good shape with a good win over Robin Hood (DTT Singles 7) and continues his winning streak after SF in Monte-Carlo and win in Barcelona. Picking the Lopez/Verdasco team was a little bit risky but was finally a good choice. On his side, Robin Hood can now focus on Doubles DTT with MuriloBrasil and maybe he could give some hint to his partner, MuriloBrasil about diego36arg for the upcoming Singles DTT SF.

Match of the day was undoubtedly the Drikke (DTT Singles 6) vs. Boarder35m (DTT Singles 8) match. After Bhupathi/Knowles first set win, Boarder35m was the clear favourite but the Spanish pair reacted during this very late night session and Drikke won by PTS in a very tight match. Boarder35m indeed really confirmed his win in Monte-Carlo but Drikke will be the one in SF. Third SF in Masters Series + 1 final in Valence: he is a very regular player but needs now to win a tournament. Maybe, this one is the good one !

Georg (DTT Singles 9) could not do anything against Jeronimo (DTT Singles 19), the attraction of the tournament. The Venezuelian showed great shots and really confirms he is the outsider of the tournament.

So, today is Semi-Final day with the following matches:

- MuriloBrasil (DTT Singles 11) vs. diego36arg (DTT Singles 3): I will put one piece on diego36arg since MuriloBrasil is still competing in Doubles DTT and gives maybe more importance to Doubles than Singles. But, also because diego36arg has a 6-match winning streak. But this new Brasil/Argentina clash may be very interesting to follow. Head 2 Head is 0-0 (first time they meet).

- Drikke (DTT Singles 6) vs. Jeronimo (DTT Singles 19): will Drikke win his first SF in Masters Series after 2 losses against the unexperienced Jeronimo ? He will be my clear favourite but Jeronimo's excentricity and spectacular game may lead him to a surprising final.

Head 2 Head: Drikke vs. Jeronimo 1-0 (Miami 2R: Drikke def. Jeronimo 7-3)

Doubles DTT:

- Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2) vs. Drikke/vamos israel (NR): After day 1 of Doubles DTT, the favourites lead by 2-0 but there are still 6 matches remaining to be picked, so nothing is decided yet but there should not be any big surprise for them to reach their 3rd final in Masters Series.

- Jeronimo/lucho_coria (DTT Team 6) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): Slight advantage for marr/MZverev-Fan after day 1 (3-3 and least 3 SRs to 2) but I have the feeling that this match may be decided very late tonight. I still pick the marr/MZverev-Fan team as my favourite, especially because Jeronimo will have to play a tough match also Singles DTT.

Tuesday 23:00 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 2 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 3:

Singles DTT:

All the seeds have won their match except Bjorki (DTT Singles 4) who was upset by Jeronimo (DTT Singles 19). Most of the matches were decided on the pick Fyrstenberg/Matkowski vs. Horna/Monaco where the Poles won 7/6(4) 6/7(2) 10-8. We have no proof yet that Jeronimo asked the Fyrstenberg/Matkowski to give up second set, so congrats to him for this major upset of the day. In QuarterFinals, 7 seeds will still be there, which promises a very High Quality DTT Day tomorrow.

No upset also that Allez-Alejo (DTT Singles 25) did not appear on the court today (miracle did not occur). Is it the fear to play against Robin Hood or just due to the fact that Alarm Clock did not ring due to power cut in the Hotel in Roma, we do not know ...

Tomorrow is the day of QuarterFinals with the following matches:

- Gigi (DTT Singles 1) vs. MuriloBrasil (DTT Singles 11): MuriloBrasil, the DTT Doubles specialist has better results than Gigi since the beginning of this tournament (5 vs. 4). So, as he has a bye to enter SF in Doubles, MuriloBrasil is really focusing for his first Masters Series Semi-Final in Singles. On the other hand, Gigi would really like to keep his number 1 rank after this tournament and, with results of today, it is mandatory to go through if he wants it ! But, I would pick for a tight match with win from MuriloBrasil.

- diego36arg(DTT Singles 3) vs. Robin Hood(DTT Singles 7): 4-4 for correct picks since beginning of tournament. Robin Hood did not have to face an opponent today whereas diego36arg had to struggle against trucul to qualify (Argentine pair Horna/Monaco loss helped him to qualify ... Hmmmm comment). This Argentina-Brazil clash will be very interesting but diego36arg will be clear favourite after his 2 excellent previous weeks.

- Drikke (DTT Singles 6) vs. Boarder35m (DTT Singles 8): second consecutive German opponent for Drikke for a European shock. Boarder35m needs to confirm his win in Monte-Carlo and Drikke is the perfect opponent to assess his potential. Maybe, Drikke will be more fresh because he deliberately chose not to send picks for first Round but Boarder35m will have more practice on this Foro Italico court. So, very difficult to know who will win but I would pick Drikke because he already made 2 SemiFinals in Masters Series this year.

- georg (DTT Singles 9) vs. Jeronimo (DTT Singles 19): will the excentric Venezuelian who made the only upset of second round be able to cause a new upset against experienced Romanian ? Georg has a 0-2 record in Masters Series QF whereas Jeronimo reaches his first QF. But, Jeronimo has just finished playing a long night session match in Doubles (with a nice win) which could be double-edged: either this could bring fatigue tomorrow or a huge boost for his Singles Match !

Doubles DTT:

Latest breaking news is that Jeronimo/lucho_coria pair (DTT Team 6) have just beaten Kielian/Boarder35m (DTT Team 14) after a long night session match. Other seeds playing today have lost their match: diego36arg/trucul, after their singles match where they played against each other, were not playing homogeneously, so they lost to Drikke/vamos israel new team, who deserved their win. Other newcomer, marr/MZverev-Fan beat Huff/georg team and is really showing huge potential.

Tomorrow will be first part of Semi-Finals with the following matches:

- Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2) vs. Drikke/vamos israel (NR): first match of the tournament for the number 1 seed team. Will they suffer from lack of practicing this week ? These 2 teams had the best score of the day (4 picks so far), so Brasilian Dream Team will have to fight to win but they are clear favourite for their 3rd final in Masters Series.

- Jeronimo/lucho_coria (DTT Team 6) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): after their late match today, Jeronimo/lucho_coria will have to find some energy to play against this new promising team. Jeronimo is also playing Singles, so it may be too much for this team tomorrow. I would vote for a new major upset of marr/MZverev-Fan team but let us see tomorrow ...
Monday 23:30 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small recap of day 1 of this fourth DTT Masters Series and a preview of day 2:

Singles DTT:

One match took place today and saw the win of MZverev-Fan (DTT Singles 20) over vamos israel (DTT Singles 33), extending winning streak on first round of 4. vamos israel defending proudly his chance with a 2/2 pick but failed to pick the correct SR. Maybe, next tournament will be the good one for a first win in Singles DTT.

Other players warmed up today and sent picks just in case of CB for further rounds. Only 2 players took the risk to not send picks (Drikke and Jeronimo). Is it to save energy for the real matches or does it mean they are slightly injured ? We will know that rapidly on Tuesday. All other players had a 2/2 score except trucul and marr with a 1/2 and Huff with a 0/2. One match counting for first round is however still remaining (tonight or most likely tomorrow) with Kas/Wassen vs. Cipolla/Starace.

Tomorrow will be day of second round with the following matches:

- Gigi (DTT Singles 1) vs. Huff (DTT Singles 21): after 2 weeks without any win and 1 week rest, Gigi is back to work ready to win at least one match. Gigi is clearly favourite against Huff (worst player in first round) but the romanian is maybe hiding is game.
- MuriloBrasil (DTT Singles 11) vs. MZverev-Fan (DTT Singles 20): after his win in first round, MZverev-Fan will face a tough opponent. But, though his win in Valence, MuriloBrasil is more a DTT Doubles specialist than a DTT Singles specialist. However, he will still be the favourite.
- diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) vs. trucul (DTT Singles 13): nice match between the 2 Doubles partners. diego36arg may continue on his winning streak after his win last week in Barcelona. However, maybe a little bit of fatigue could help trucul to win this match.
- Robin Hood (DTT Singles 7) vs. Allez-Alejo (DTT Singles 25): Allez-Alejo sent late picks today for the 6th tournament in a row . Seems that the American guy, more specialist of TT than DTT, has not yet recovered from jet lag. It would be a miracle if he is able to be on court on time tomorrow but Robin Hood, solid DTT player, finalist in Indian Wells, will have to watch out. But it would be a huge surprise to see Allez-Alejo win.
- Drikke (DTT Singles 6) vs. Kielian (DTT Singles 10): this is the only second round match between 2 top 10 players. Kielian is on the rising slope with a final in Barcelona last week. Drikke, after 2 SemiFinals in MS at Indian Wells and Miami and a final in Valence is slightly favourite due to fatigue of Kielian, but this may be a tough match.
- Boarder35m (DTT Singles 8) vs. lucho_coria (DTT Singles 13): will Boarder35m confirm his win at Monte-Carlo ? This is the question for the German rising start but he may be slight favourite against Argentine lucho-coria, who has never reach SF of a tournament but shows good regularity.
- georg (DTT Singles 9) vs. marr (DTT Singles 12): 2 regular players on the DTT Singles Tour but with no great performance so far. Maybe, this is the good tournament for one of them.
- Bjorki (DTT Singles 4) vs. Jeronimo (DTT Singles 19): the swedish-like Bjorki (calm and composed, very effective) against the excentric Venezuelian. Match of contrasts which reminds us of ancient time with Borg vs. McEnroe. On clay, Bjorki is clear favourite but, maybe, if Jeronimo puts a little bit of pressure on the referee, a surprise could be possible

Doubles DTT:

- warm-up day for all Doubles pairs with best score of the day so far for the favourites ,Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Doubles 1), and for the German team Kielian/Boarder35m (DTT Doubles 14).

Tuesday is QuarterFinals day with the following matches:
- diego36arg/trucul (DTT Doubles 5) vs. Drikke/vamos israel (NR): first official match for the new Belgo-Israeli pair against the very homogeneous diego36arg/trucul pair, finalist last week in Barcelona. The franco-argentine team is clear favourite but, since they play against each other in Singles, they may be not so homogeneous in Doubles this Tuesday
- Jeronimo/lucho_coria (DTT Doubles 6) vs. Kielian/Boarder35m (DTT Doubles 14): German Team was very good in the warm-up today and I would place one or two pieces on them for a surprise in this Quarterfinal. Let us see tomorrow what the South American team will do.
- huff/Georg (DTT Doubles 4) vs. marr/MZverev-Fan (NR): Romanian team is clearly favourite against the new pair but, boosted by his Singles win today, MZverev-Fan may push his partner to play Quality DTT. Here again, a surprise is really possible.

Monday 08:00 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. Find hereunder a small preview of day 1 of this fourth DTT Masters Series:

Singles DTT:

Only one match played today with first round match between Israeli vamos israel (DTT Singles 33) and German MZverev-Fan (DTT Singles 20). vamos israel is playing his third tournament and still looking for a win, though pushing one of the top players, Nadie, to TB in Miami. Last week, vamos israel had to w.o. in first round against Bjorki but says he has recovered from injury this week. MZverev-Fan is playing his 4th tournament in a row. Second Round in Valencia after winning first round, QF in Monte-Carlo (losing to fellow German Boarder35m) and second Round in Barcelona (taking revenge on Boarder35m). He has a 4-3 record in Singles but 3-0 winning streak in First Round matches.

Other players will be warming up in this first round and will prepare for Second Round matches with very interesting matches. The most interesting matches scheduled for second round are:

- diego36arg (DTT Singles 3) will face his Doubles partner, trucul (DTT Singles 13) and try to continue winning streak after win in Barcelona.
- Drikke (DTT Singles 6) will face new top 10 Kielian (DTT Singles 10) who has just reached final in Barcelona.

More details with tomorrow report.

Doubles DTT:

Today is warming up for all teams. The great Brazilian team Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil (DTT Team 2), as seeded number 1 for DTT Doubles, are already through to Semi-Finals. Other best teams of the tournament (Huff/Georg (DTT Team 4), diego36arg/trucul (DTT Team 5), Jeronimo/lucho_coria (DTT Team 6)) will also prepare for tough matches starting on Tuesday against 2 brand new teams marr/MZverevFan, Drikke/vamos israel and Kielian/Boarder35m (DTT Team 14).

Sunday 17:30 CET:

Hello, this is live comment from Foro Italico. We are 30 minutes away from draw, so find hereunder a small preview of this fourth DTT Masters Series:

Singles DTT:

- number 1 DTT Gigi confirmed yesterday participation. Gigi will look for a second Masters Series title and third win in DTT (Gigi is the only one in Singles DTT to have won more than 1 title). After one week rest and 2 early losses in Valence and Monte-Carlo, Gigi is back and ready to defend his number 1 place.
- his main challenger is diego36arg. Diego36arg has just won in Barcelona and clinched 3rd place in DTT Singles ranking. After early loss in IW, QF in Miami and SF in Monte-Carlo, diego36arg will try to keep the good momentum and reach his first ever DTT Single Masters Series final.
- Bjorki, as number 4 DTT Singles ranked, will try to win first Singles DTT title with a Master Series. Finalist in Monte-Carlo, Bjorki has also good chances to reach number 1 place this week.
- DTT Newcomer Boarder35m will try to do as well as in Monte-Carlo when he caused a major upset by winning the title. After one early loss in Barcelona, Boarder35m is ready to make a good result in this tournament with number 8 DTT Singles ranking.
- Many outsiders will want to do well in this tournament ... More information after the draw.

Doubles DTT:

- Due to Nadie's mysterious injury, Doubles number 1 DTT Doubles pair Nadie/Bjorki will not be able to apply for a third win in DTT Doubles after wins in Miami and Barcelona.
- Other Masters Series winners in Indian Wells(Gigi/tennis2006 number 3 DTT Doubles pair) will not compete in Rome due to tennis2006 injury last week.
- in Rome, Brasilian pair, Robin Hood/MuriloBrasil, winners in Monte-Carlo, will try to continue their winning streak on Masters Series tournaments on clay. As number 2 DTT Doubles Team, they will try to be number 1 after this week.
- Great Romanian team, Huff/Georg, after 2 SF at IndianWells and Monte-Carlo will try, as number 4 DTT Doubles Team, to reach their first Masters Series final and reach top 3 at the race.
- great attention should also be paid on south American Jeronimo/Lucho_Coria team (DTT Doubles number 6) who has great ambitions after 1 week rest and to finalists in Barcelona and Valence, trucul/diego36arg team (DTT Doubles number 5 team).

Everyone is looking forward for the draws and, who knows, last minutes entries in the tournament ...

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