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I use a one handed backhand myself. I want you to know that if you believe you can do it you can? I teach tennis but I teach with the Idea that you need all the tools you can master to win today? But it is far better to have a backhand that is 80% accurate, than an uncomfortable shot that is your worst stroke. Find an instructor that can teach you what you like? But remember that if you learn to Do It Right there are no cons and it is equally devastating to your opponents. Power can be hit with both strokes, reaching for the ball is the same for both strokes it is your job to position yourself to hit the ball regardless of stroke type. Reaching with a two handed backhand is just as bad a reaching with a one handed backhand. And it never hurts to learn something new, the least you could do is come out of the experience knowing more about the players who have the new stroke even if you don’t use it personally. It is said that Federer has more than 35 different forehand strokes at 75% to 80% accuracy. Keep learning.
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