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Re: Babolat pure drive

Originally Posted by akybo View Post
If Roddick is a moonballer with a serve then what are you

Agreed with flat hitters should prefer other brands,I hit mostly flat and I naturally swich from babolat but today's game is more about spin.Anyway most babolat racquets are not players racquet as we know even in some descriptions they call it a "tweener" racquet but as you said more people use them from beginner level and dont wanna adapt to another racquet when they make it to pro so they customize it with lead tape and there you go.
I'm not a moonballer I can assure that.

Originally Posted by akybo View Post
I didnt said that but if you already notice:it's true he has some kind of haotic game but it's far away to call him a moonballer.
Moonballer, grinder, pusher, it's all the same thing.

Originally Posted by jazar View Post
I never said he was a moonballer. i just said that a player with a big serve doesnt necessarily have to have the attacking game to back it up
Exactly. Roddick is a grinder with a serve. Even Russell is more offensive than him from the back.
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