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Re: Who of these new upcoming american players has got the brightest future?

Where is all this success for Ryan Harrison? He's won one ATP match, but his circuit record is not consistent. He's young and it is far too early to hype him like this (MTF tongue in cheek bandwagoners not included).

I'll go with Donald Young and Michael McClune. I think DY is going to be a late bloomer, but he has all the tools to be a Top 50 player. Time for the Young family to cut ties to the USTA and get their own dedicated coach for DY. That might be the only way he will take his game up a notch or two.

Michael McClune is young, still has a lot to develop in his game but I think he's about the right size and he moves pretty well. This is his first full year on the circuit, but he seems to be progressing at a fairly steady rate (and he watches Heroes, so I have a soft spot for him).

I like Smyczek too, but his size will make it tough for him. I've about given up on Ryan Sweeting, but maybe he will be a late bloomer too. Sam could make the Top 50 at some point, same with Isner, but I doubt either will ever crack the Top 30. Would be nice to see Wayne crack the Top 50, but he is kind of small too and I don't know if his style of play will get him enough consistent results to move up that high.

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