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Articles & interviews

Here's the translation of what we were talking about with Brego in the pics thread. There are bits of post-match interviews during the Australian Open 2006 here - it was pretty much his first "coup" on the tour when he beat Massu and Berdych, people didn't know him yet, so he was asked to describe his game in interviews, that's why I find it funny to read a few years later:
Gilles Simon (à propos de son jeu) : "Mon jeu est bizarre"
"- Qui est Gilles Simon?
- Ça, j'en sais rien! (Rire) Personne n'a jamais trouvé. Même pas moi!
Je pense être un joueur un peu atypique. Je suis capable, comme tout le monde, mais un peu plus dans les extrêmes, de faire le meilleur et le pire sur un terrain de tennis.
- Guy Forget dit de vous que vous êtes un génie.
- (Rire) C'est gentil, ça me touche! Maintenant, j'en suis pas sûr! C'est quand même le premier tournoi où il me voit jouer. Si c'est ce qu'il pense, tant mieux, mais je suis pas sûr quand même.
J'aime bien faire des changements de rythme. J'ai un bon timing quand je frappe la balle, ce qui me permet de frapper assez fort sans dépenser trop d'énergie. Maintenant, c'est vrai que j'ai un jeu un peu bizarre, pour les adversaires qui ne me connaissent pas, parce que je joue très doucement la plupart du temps et quand je décide d'en accélérer une, ça va assez vite. C'est dedans ou dehors, mais souvent ça termine le point. Donc je comprends ce que vivent les adversaires. Moi, j'ai horreur de ça quand je joue quelqu'un comme moi, qui joue sans timing, sans forcer – c'est peut-être pour ça que je joue comme ça, d'ailleurs."
- Who is Gilles Simon?
- I have no idea! (laughes) Nobody has found out yet. Not even me! I think I'm a bit atypical. I'm capable of the worst as well as the best on a tennis court, like everybody else, but it's more extreme with me.
- Guy Forget said you're a genious. [That part still cracks me up!]
- (laughes) It's nice from him, I'm touched! Now, I'm not sure about that! It must be the first time he watches me play in a tournament. If he thinks so, that's great, but I'm not so sure.
I like varying the pace. I have a good timing in striking the ball, that's why I can get so much force on the ball without expanding too much energy. Now, it's true my game is a bit strange for players who don't know me because I play very softly most of the time and when I decide to speed up the ball, it goes pretty fast. It's in or out, but most of the time, it's deciding. So I understand what my opponents go through. I hate playing guys who play like I do, without much pace, without hitting hard - maybe that's the reason why I play like that.

And Potier (his coach at the time) says he's very talented with fundamental qualities - able to hold out very long, very fast, great returner, amazing backhand and a real competitor. He is very stubborn, which has disavantadges, but the advantage is that he doesn't give up in matches. (The journalist says his game reminds of Santoro's - I don't see it ): It's different from Santoro. Gilles' shots are not heavy because he weighs 60 kg, but the ball goes very fast. "He didn't really amaze me against Berdych because the other guy was playing like an idiot, so I was sure Gilles was going to hammer him. It was hilarious."

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