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Re: What seems to be the problem?

Originally Posted by emilie View Post
I think the reason of all this stuff is that Richard is unhappy in his life. According to his interview he gave to L'equipe, he feels sad that people do not like him.
He can become depressive if this situation continues. Maybe, it would be better for him to stop playing tennis as a professionnal.
You cannot compare him to other players as he was a gifted child. The media know him since he is 9 years old. I have read some books about gifted child and they are very often very fragile and different.
I do not know what is the best for him but i prefer him to stop playing tennis than to continue and suffer all his carrier like this.

I don't think that's the case. Even if he does indeed think that people don't like him, it is up to him to change that. Fans like when their favorite players fight in every match they play. Who didn't like his effort against Roddick last year in Wimbledon? Or how about against Hewitt at 06 US Open? NO one would complain about it.... but people also see how disappointing he was at Roland Garros last year... or how he did not take a court against Young at US Open last year. It is normal that they react negatively to this things, because Richard is top 10 and should pull through these tough moments. At the very least, he should show his heart that he wants to win those matches no matter the surface and his condition.
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