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Wins over no. 1 players

Boris Becker: 19
def. Lendl x7 (Chicago, Wimbledon, Sydney Indoor 86; Wimbledon 88; Wimbledon 89; US Open 89; Stuttgart Indoor 90)
def. Sampras x4 (Stockholm, Singles Championship* 94; Stuttgart Indoor, Singles Championship* 96)
def. Edberg x3 (Sydney Indoor, Stockholm 90; Stockholm 91)
def. Courier x3 (Brussels, Paris Indoor, Singles Championship 92)
def. Wilander (Masters 88)
def. Agassi (Wimbledon 95)

Rafael Nadal: 16
def. Federer x13 (Miami 04; Roland Garros 05; Dubai, Monte Carlo, Rome, Roland Garros 06; Monte Carlo, Roland Garros 07; Monte Carlo, Hamburg, Roland Garros, Wimbledon 08; Madrid 10)
def. Djokovic x3 (Monte Carlo, Rome, Roland Garros 12)

Ivan Lendl: 14
def. McEnroe x11 (Davis Cup, Masters 81; Dallas WCT, Toronto, US Open, Masters 82; San Francisco 83; Roland Garros 84; Forest Hills, World Team Cup, US Open 85)
def. Edberg x2 (Tokyo Indoor 90; Australian Open 91)
def. Borg (Basel 80)

John McEnroe: 11
def. Lendl x5 (Dallas WCT, Masters 83; Philadelphia, Brussels 84; Dallas WCT 89)
def. Borg x4 (Dallas WCT 79; US Open 80; Milan, Wimbledon 81)
def. Connors x2 (Masters 78 [ret.]; San Francisco 82)

Andre Agassi: 10
def. Sampras x5 (Paris Indoor 94; Australian Open, Miami 95; San Jose, Toronto 98)
def. Edberg x2 (Singles Championship 90; Davis Cup 92)
def. Safin (Tennis Masters Cup 00)
def. Kuerten (Los Angeles 01)
def. Hewitt (US Open 02)

Stefan Edberg: 9
def. Lendl x6 (Australian Open 85; Tokyo Indoor 86; Tokyo Indoor 87; Tokyo Outdoor, Masters 89; Wimbledon 90)
def. Sampras x2 (Cincinnati 93; Davis Cup 94 [ret.])
def. Wilander (Masters 88)

Bjorn Borg: 8
def. Connors x6 (Wimbledon, Pepsi Grand Slam 77; Pepsi Grand Slam, Wimbledon 78; Pepsi Grand Slam, Wimbledon 79)
def. Nastase x2 (Stockholm 73; Rome 74)

Novak Djokovic: 8
def. Nadal x5 (Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Rome, Wimbledon 11)
def. Federer x3: (Montreal 07; Australian Open 08; Basel 09)

Michael Chang: 7
def. Edberg x2 (Grand Slam Cup 90; Paris Indoor 91)
def. Sampras x2 (Singles Championship 95; Rome 98)
def. Lendl (Roland Garros 89)
def. Courier (Miami 92)
def. Agassi (Atlanta 95)

Richard Krajicek: 7
def. Sampras x5 (Los Angeles 93; Davis Cup 94; Wimbledon 96; Stuttgart Indoor 97; Stuttgart Indoor 98)
def. Edberg (Tokyo Outdoor 92)
def. Courier (Antwerp 92)

Andy Murray: 7
def. Federer x2 (Cincinnati 06; Dubai 08)
def. Nadal x3 (US Open 08; Rotterdam 09; Toronto 10)
def. Djokovic x2 (Cincinnati 11) [ret.]; Dubai 12)

Pete Sampras: 6
def. Courier x2 (Indianapolis, US Open 92)
def. Agassi x2 (US Open 95; Singles Championship 99)
def. Becker (Indianapolis 91)
def. Safin (Tennis Masters Cup 00)

Roscoe Tanner: 6
def. Connors x3 (Nottingham 75; Wimbledon 76; Rancho Mirage 79)
def. Newcombe (Nottingham 74)
def. Borg (US Open 79)
def. McEnroe (Richmond WCT 83)

Jimmy Connors: 5
def. McEnroe x4 (Wembley 81; Queens, Wimbledon 82; Queens 83)
def. Nastase (Hampton 74)

Jim Courier: 5
def. Edberg x2 (Roland Garros 91; Australian Open 92)
def. Sampras x2 (Roland Garros 94; Rome 97)
def. Agassi (Tokyo Outdoor 95)

Roger Federer: 5
def. Hewitt (Miami 02)
def. Roddick (Tennis Masters Cup 03)
def. Nadal x2 (Madrid 09; World Tour Finals 10)
def. Djokovic (Wimbledon 12)

Goran Ivanisevic: 5
def. Courier x2 (Stuttgart Indoor, Singles Championship 92)
def. Sampras x2 (Rome, Paris Indoor 93)
def. Kuerten (Tennis Masters Cup 01)

Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 5
def. Sampras x2 (World Team Cup, Roland Garros 96)
def. Kuerten x2 (US Open, Tennis Masters Cup 01)
def. Agassi (Roland Garros 95)

Magnus Larsson: 5
def. Sampras x4 (Grand Slam Cup 94; Monte Carlo, Indianapolis, Davis Cup [ret.] 97)
def. Edberg (Monte Carlo 91)

Carlos Moya: 5
def. Hewitt x4 (Monte Carlo, Rome, Cincinnati, Tennis Masters Cup 02)
def. Sampras (Singles Championship 97)

Tom Okker: 5
def. Nastase x5 (Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, London 73; Toronto WCT 74)

Sergi Bruguera: 4
def. Sampras x3 (World Team Cup, Roland Garros 93; Miami 97)
def. Agassi (Hamburg 95)

Nikolay Davydenko: 4
def. Nadal x2 (Paris 08 [ret.]; Doha 11)
def. Federer x2 (World Tour Finals 09; Doha 10)

Juan Martin del Potro: 4
def. Nadal (Miami 09)
def. Federer x2 (US Open, World Tour Finals 09)
def. Djokovic (Davis Cup 11) [ret.]

Dominik Hrbaty: 4
def. Kafelnikov (Roland Garros 99)
def. Agassi (Rome 00)
def. Safin (Davis Cup 01)
def. Federer (Cincinnati 04)

Karol Kucera: 4
def. Sampras (Australian Open 98)
def. Agassi x2 (Basel 99; Roland Garros 00)
def. Safin (Davis Cup 01)

Patrick Rafter: 4
def. Sampras x2 (Indianapolis 93; US Open 98)
def. Agassi (Wimbledon 00)
def. Kuerten (Indianapolis 01 [ret.])

Greg Rusedski: 4
def. Sampras (Paris 98)
def. Kuerten (Australian Open 01)
def. Safin (Milan 01)
def. Hewitt (Indianapolis 02)

Marat Safin: 4
def. Hewitt x2 (Hamburg, Paris 02)
def. Roddick (Australian Open 04)
def. Federer (Australian Open 05)

Michael Stich: 4
def. Edberg x2 (Hamburg, Wimbledon 91)
def. Sampras x2 (Singles Championship 93; World Team Cup 94)

Mats Wilander: 4
def. McEnroe x2 (Cincinnati 83; Roland Garros 85)
def. Lendl x2 (Australian Open 83; US Open 88)

*In both cases Sampras lost to Becker in the RR stages and then went on to beat him in the final; the same thing happened against Agassi, himself no. 1 at the time, at the same event in 1999.

Players who beat the world no. 1 4 times in the same year:
Tom Okker (Ilie Nastase, 1973)
Ivan Lendl (John McEnroe, 1982)
Carlos Moya (Lleyton Hewitt, 2002)
Rafael Nadal (Roger Federer, 2006, 2008)
Novak Djokovic (Rafael Nadal, 2011)

Total weeks at no. 1/total losses as no. 1
Roger Federer: 289 weeks/48 losses
Pete Sampras: 286 weeks/69 losses (3 retirements)
Ivan Lendl: 270 weeks/43 losses
Jimmy Connors: 268 weeks/41 losses (4 retirements)
John McEnroe: 170 weeks/34 losses (1 retirement)
Bjorn Borg: 109 weeks/12 losses (1 retirement)
Rafael Nadal: 103 weeks/22 losses (1 retirement)
Andre Agassi: 101 weeks/28 losses (3 retirements)
Lleyton Hewitt: 80 weeks/21 losses
Stefan Edberg: 72 weeks/19 losses
Jim Courier: 58 weeks/21 losses
Novak Djokovic: 52 weeks/12 losses (2 retirements)
Gustavo Kuerten: 43 weeks/17 losses (1 retirement)
Ilie Nastase: 40 weeks/17 losses
Mats Wilander: 20 weeks/5 losses
Andy Roddick: 13 weeks/4 losses
Boris Becker: 12 weeks/4 losses (1 retirement)
Marat Safin: 9 weeks/7 losses
John Newcombe: 8 weeks/2 losses
Juan Carlos Ferrero: 8 weeks/3 losses
Thomas Muster: 6 weeks/3 losses
Marcelo Rios: 6 weeks/2 losses
Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 6 weeks/4 losses
Carlos Moya: 2 weeks/1 loss
Patrick Rafter: 1 week/0 losses

The Wit and Wisdom of the Tennis Journalist, Indian Wells 2004

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I remember this one time when I went on a vacation on the Maldives. That was in the year 2001, I think. I went to this spa. I went to walk around with my girlfriend. I walk in, and we want to book a spa. This guy goes, "AHH, I remember you. You beat Sampras. I saw you on TV." That was like, really, how can you remember me? This guy has probably never been off his island and still knows me. I was a little bit shocked. Then I went to play tennis with him because he was actually the tennis teacher. It was nice.

Q. Were you naked at the time in the spa?

ROGER FEDERER: No. It was at the front desk. I didn't walk in naked.

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