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Re: What seems to be the problem?

I quite like Gasquet as a player. Over the weekend I have said some harsh things about him because I didn't understand why he decided to only the 5th rubber against blake and not against andy. After reading his interview, I understood some but still didn't completely comprehend his logic. Ultimately, he didn't have enough confidence against Roddick. Which was okay, since Davis Cup is a team sport and whoever feels the best at that moment should go out.

Here’s what I don’t understand: from his interview, he thinks that PHM had a chance against Roddick and that he could played the decisive 5th rubber against Blake, whom beat him convincingly in IW. Huh???? So Richie thinks he in worse shape than PHM but better than Llodra or Clement? He was willing to play a best-of-5 match, if it was necessary, against blake but not andy even though he beat andy and lost to blake the last times they met? And from PHM’s interview, it seemed like that Gasquet didn’t even talked to him about which match to play. How could he assumed that PHM was ready for Roddick? Gasquet told some journalists that he was going to play the 5th rubber only, before he even talked with his teammate? What? And neither Forget, Richie nor PHM were saying stuff consistent with one another and so this is even harder to comprehend.

What I really want to know now is if PHM decided to not play, like if he said he was still demoralized by the loss to blake and didn’t want to go out, would Richie had step up? Because essentially, that was what PHM did for him. Richie didn’t feel confident against Roddick and so PHM went to the “slaughterhouse” for him. That’s the quality I wanted to see from Gasquet this weekend. I wanted him to say: “I am not confident right now against Roddick but if the team needs me, I am available for either of the matches.”

I didn’t want to see him having some attitude problems with Forget. I didn’t want to see him going behind his teammate’s back and pick and choose which match he wants to play. For him to go to the next level is for him to see an opponent which he doesn’t think he has a chance to win and say “I am going to go out there and just play my game. I am not going to carry a losing mentality.”

Anyhow, I blab way to much. What happened this weekend was a bit of a disappointment for me to see. I still like him as a player and still want to witness his success.
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