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Re: What seems to be the problem?

I never got to watch the DC this weekend, however from all that I have read, it seemed to be another 'Damned if I do'... 'Damned if I don't' situation for Richard.I really feel for the guy, however I also salute PHM for taking on the challenge. A challenge, that in the past, Richard was happy to rise too. This time round, however, Richard was not up to the challenge. Richard has had a pretty poor season to date, some injuries, some bad losses, so why should he have been burdened with carrying the hopes of the French nation once again? I understand PHM was not too happy about the call for duty. Tsonga injured. Gilles Simon? (who in my opinion is also pretty talented), but not called on as a reserve this time.

Without a doubt, Richard's problem is too much pressure and expectation by all. Mentally, Richard knows his limitations, and therefore will not perform unless he knows he is able to achieve 100%. Clearly he does not want to disappoint his nation, fans, teammates, DC Captain, coach etc. So what now?

I get really mad that the press and even some fans build him up to be this "Wunderkind", and then, when he doesn't perform to their liking or expectation, he gets labelled 'overrated', 'underperformer', 'underachiever', etc etc.

In my opinion, Richard still needs to mature so much more. So, currently there are tennis players that are achieving great things at his age. I just wonder if the Djokovic's and Nadal's of the world will be able to maintain their winning ways at such a young age. Quite frankly, I don't really care. I know as a Gasquet fan, I can still look forward to some great tennis in the future.

Richard, when you are ready, in your own time ...... in the meantime, you still have my support and I am sure the support of many others.


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