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Re: Drabble Stories

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream
Hi sirius I like that the Marat fans take digs at their guy, too. The Happy Hippo thing is hilarious. Not many other posters here allow themselves to poke fun at their favorites. Maybe the Marat and Andy fans have more in common that I'd previously thought?

hmm....i'm undecided abt whether that's a good or bad thing, the ducks and the safinholics having things in common

anyway, it's nv too good to get too uptight abt things. it'll only end up in one getting a stroke or a heart attack (which we'll probably get just watching one of marat's matches anyway). health first i always say.... then again...maybe that's just cos i'm in the healthcare business (or going to be anyway)

and thanks abt the avatar. i actually just plonked my purple hippo wrist rest on mty laptop and took a photo... no weird photo editing there.

Originally Posted by Dowa, on a theory proposed by Annie
the connection between his brain and his body has been restored!
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