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Re: Drabble Stories

The Adventure Of The Ducky

Mister Q and Mani were out for a young Valentine's walk in a forrest. As they went, Mani rested her hand on Mister Q's lips. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so naughty, Mister Q was filled with forgiving dread.

"Do you suppose it's sparkling here?" he asked gently.

"You saucy silly," Mani said, tickling Mister Q with her chair. "It's completely sorrowful."

Just then, a musical ducky leapt out from behind a piano and blasted Mani in the hair. "Aaargh!" Mani screamed.

Things looked astounding. But Mister Q, although he was witty, knew he had to save his love. He grabbed a clarinet and, like bombs bursting in air, beat the ducky ignorantly until it ran off. "That will teach you to blast innocent people."

Then he clasped Mani close. Mani was bleeding forcefully. "My darling," Mister Q said, and pressed his lips to Mani's arm.

"I love you," Mani said enormously, and expired in Mister Q's arms.

Mister Q never loved again.
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