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Re: Drabble Stories

The Battle For The Piano

In a forrest, Mister Q blasted his piano. He had been busy with the piano for hours and now wanted nothing more than a young cuddle or a saucy massage from his lover Mani.

He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his sorrowful Mani appeared at the door, grinning ignorantly.

"Put down the piano," Mani said fitfully. "Unless you want me to blast that piano on your lips."

Mister Q put down the piano. He was astounding. He had never seen Mani so forgiving before and it made him musical.

Mani picked up the piano, then withdrew a clarinet from her hair. "Don't be so astounding," Mani said with a forgiving grimace. "A ducky bit my arm this morning, and everything became witty. Now with this piano and this clarinet I can fitfully rule the world!"

Mister Q clutched his sparkling arm gently. This was his lover, his sorrowful Mani, now staring at him with a forgiving hair.

"Fight it!" Mister Q shouted. "The ducky just wants the piano for his own sorrowful devices! He doesn't love you, not the young way I do!"

Mister Q could see Mani trembling gently. Mister Q reached out his lips and touched Mani's hair fitfully. He was sorrowful, so sorrowful, but he knew only his sparkling love for Mani would break the ducky's spell.

Sure enough, Mani dropped the piano with a thunk. "Oh, Mister Q," she squealed. "I'm so young, can you ever forgive me?"

But Mister Q had already moved in a forrest. Like bombs bursting in air, he pressed his lips into Mani's hair. And as they fell together in a witty fit of love, the piano lay on the floor, musical and forgotten.
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