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Re: Drabble Stories

Deeply Tripping

Andy tripped along mockingly. He was on his way to meet his lover, Roger, for Valentine's Day. He smiled to see a cow hopping along, carrying a racquet in its mouth.

Andy was almost on an alp when he came across an annoying cake, lying alone on a confidant plate. "That must be a treat from my triumphant bear," he said to himself, and tripped over to it. The cake looked defeated, so he ate it.

It gave him the most arrogant tingling sensation in his chest. "How unusual!" he said and continued tripping to see Roger.

When Roger came out to meet him, he took one look and fell over.

"What is it?" Andy cried laughingly.

"Your butt! And your hair!" Roger said. "They're god-like! Can't you feel it?"

Andy felt his butt and his hair. They were indeed quite god-like. "Oh, no!" Andy said. "I'm a woman!" He, or rather, she started to cry. "It must have been that annoying cake you left for me. Did you know what it would do?"

"I didn't leave you any cake," Roger said. "I got you a trophy. It must have been that insane man who lives nearby. He acts a little loudly, ever since he snarled a shampoo."

"But how can you ever love me, now that I'm a woman?" Andy sobbed.

"Well, I never knew how to tell you this," Roger said lowly, "but I actually prefer women. And I think your butt is really desperate like that."

"Really?" Andy dried her tears. Andy kissed Roger and it was an entirely defeated sensation, like the last two rabbits in the world.

They spent the night having entirely defeated sex, until the cake wore off suddenly.

Everything was rather awkward after that.
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