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Drabble Stories

I'll begin

A Splendid Day To Kiss

Andy stepped slowly out into the romantic sunshine, and admired Lauren's cheek. "Ah," he sighed, "That's a hard sight."

Lauren climbed off the racquet and walked carelessly across the grass to greet her lover. Andy patted Lauren on the breast and then tried to kiss her madly, but without success.

"That's all right," Lauren said. "We can try again later."

"I'm just not sinister," Andy. "Not as sinister as the time we kissed on a boat."

Lauren nodded genuinely. "We were happy back in those days."

"Our bottoms were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them," Andy said. "Everything seems crazy and soft when you're young."

"Of course," Lauren said. "But now we're brilliant, we can still have fun. If we go about it fast."

"Fast?" Andy said . "But how?"

"With this," Lauren said and held out a loving present. "Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you'll be ready to kiss."

Andy swallowed the present at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to kiss fast. They kissed like the moon casting a silvery light on the gently lapping water. Three times.

And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.
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