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Re: Roddick is engaged to be married!

Originally Posted by elessar View Post
I second that and certainly not with someone you've barely known for a year
It's going ok with Lleyton and Bec so far.

Anyway, I knew a couple who dated for 11 years, got married and were separated 4 months later, so I think that there's no one way to go about marriage. There are any number of successful marriages where the courtship was amazingly short and the couples married young. I know a couple in town who got married at ages 19 and 16 after a short time of dating. They are nearly 70 years old now and still married to each other.

I have a sort of dim view of taking off your clothes for the camera, so I wouldn't be thrilled if he were my son, but, on the other hand, maybe she is a delightful girl. It's not going to affect my life one way or the other, so I really don't care. I just wish Andy happy.
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