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Re: Time up?

Originally Posted by gambit84 View Post
the next week I'll can see him in training in the Napoli Challenger.
I think this will be fundamental to see how he play without match tension.

However Guille is an all around player with various shots and geometrical sense (look at his passing shots) but he hasn't a decisive shot like the Federer forehand or Nalbandian backhand and I think for this kind of players recover the optimal tennis condition is very hard because all have to be ok but in the past his power was especially in his mental strenght but now it appears like he have lost it and this is the big problem. I wanna see him playng to try understand
his decisive shot is his creativity. his mental strength SUPPORTED the creativity but they are slightly separate, and it is not a weapon to be can do a lot more to frustrate & chip away at an opponent than a good backhand.

its funny, but 'guille' has a meaning in english, 'guile' which means specifically 'insidious cunning in attaining a goal; artful shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception; crafty' ... so his cleverness is part of his natural personal stamp. but the 'work out regimine' for THAT skill is all confidence and self-belief, ie, inner work.

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