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Re: Time up?

You know what, "annoyed" is a perfect word to describe how I would feel if he decided to quit now.
Back when he lost a match badly in Acapulco in '06, I think...after that he said he felt like quitting and it just pissed me off. I mean I was so pissed off. Like, here's the man who came back 3 months after frickin surgery, plays sick all the time, plays injured all the time, a man who once was one of only three players to be in a final on 3 surfaces in '04 (the other 2 Feds and Roddick), number three in the world once upon a time, top ten for 3 consecutive years right? and then......he gon' quit. Mutha f*cka ain't NEVAH quit, and den he jus gon quit? Bullshit! I mean that was complete bullshit to me. Then he backtracked and said he never thought about quitting but of course, he was lying. Yes, I would be very annoyed if he quit.

The Agassi comparison is always brought up and it gives folks a bit of sunshine. But what went along with Andre's comeback was the complete change of heart, mind, attitude, character AND game. And he had someone like Reyes to frickin..I dunno, make him believe something. I think that Andre felt he was not only playing for the sake of being great or simply "for others," and before his comeback, I don't think he really loved it. But the realization of what he had been gifted must've come as an insane revelation that God put him here to do, be and live everything tennis, and from tennis he would recieve and give so much. Aw damn I miss Andre. ANDRREEEEE!!!!

Guille has had a revelation of sorts, but not as profound as Andre. For instance, does he think about his continuing problem with df's? Or does he get a rush from just smelling the clay, and happy-go-lucky he's frickin out there?? Of course Andre had Reyes as his morale support, so I think that is something that's missing. There's Carla, yes, but she ain't no Bridgette Wilson (or Carlos Rodriguez). Instead he's got his dad saying he wants him to quit. Grand. Thanks dear father

I think an important question to ask is, what is he aiming for? One last good showing so he can retire?? Cuz that's what it looks like, though he may say different.

Also, I think he really needs inspiration. He's said constantly that he's "very motivated". I see being "motivated" as willing to do something. Inspiration on the other hand gives someone faith and belief in themselves or something.

Finally...I can't give up on the guy. Even if I wanted to! I can't do it. I do believe he can comeback and do something that will even make the haters rejoice. He has that skill and ability. But does he have everything else that goes along with it?

Someday, we'll all be free.

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