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Re: Have you met Dmitry?

Originally Posted by sunnyday View Post
hello! it's a late reply but I was on holidays.

Dream, thanks you're doing a great job, so not to worry I'm COMPLETELY convinced by your message (this is the part I liked the most " And I must tell you it indeed looks like she's the one trying to attract his attention any possible way (look what she wears at least) while he pays almost no attention at her").

And I am so touched that you only want to answer me and that absolutely no one else will read this !!

so, GOT IT !! Dmitry is actually from the Netherlands, he has 2 brothers and 1 sister, and a dog named Mamita. His favorite surface is clay and he likes the TV show 24 very much like his best friend Tommy Robredo. How's that?

no offense, of course We might meet during tournaments. By the way, I think I've seen Rose already. A middle-aged woman with a big camera who takes a lots of pictures during matches

enjoy tennis!!

(ps: great picture with Dima!! but there is no way anyone seeing that picture will say it's him being with his girlfriend )
Well I'm in my 30's - whether you call that middle aged is your choice I guess But I only own a tiny, hand-bag sized digital camera, and I NEVER take pictures during matches - in fact I hardly ever take pictures at all, as I'm sh*t at photography and other people can take much better ones than me! Maybe look again next time And nice to see this still seems to be the only thread on MTF you ever post in. At least you're keeping it alive I guess, whilst studiously ignoring the News, Articles, and tournament threads where most of the rest of us spend our time

As Dream so nicely put it - this thread was made by someone who wanted to talk about fans' experiences of actually meeting Dmitry - not to speculate about his girlfriends and private life. So can't we just put it to rest please?


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