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Re: Jazar Please help

Originally Posted by jazar View Post
i use a head i.prestige mp, weighted up to 350g. how'd you figure i use a prestige?

the yonex's and the kblade team are all good frames. i'll have more of an opinion on the kblade team after the weekend when i've hit with it, but i do agree the they look good, nice and sleek. if its anything like the standard kblade and the kblade tour then it'll be an excellent frame. overall, most control = yonex rqis tour, manouevrable, more powerful = kblade team, and in between would be the rqis tour 2
Interesting- Yeh it's so nice... I mean look at it !

And the fact that Serena is swinging it well. Does not look 104 at all I dont think.

I won that letter of the month thing in Ace tennis magazine and so won £50 to Wigmore Sport- me thinks is in London and me thinks its also freaking expensive. So i'll get my new racquet there- whichever it is

And....well I know your a very good player and you know a lot about racquets, and all the good players use Prestiges LOL. and 350g! umm.. maybe you should take up weightlifting lol
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