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Re: Jazar Please help

Originally Posted by serenaslam View Post
WOW Jazar impressive, thanks

So... I have these weird things where I switch which racquet i play with and how i want to play. Right now i'm playing with the Nblade but the other day i played with the n3 LOL. and also i change how i play, most of the time I consider myself a counter puncher but sometimes i play aggressive baseline game- however I never go to net unless i have to.

So yeh i like all of them. I think i've gone off the Prince red and Ozone. I reall ylike the Kblade team- mostly cus it looks the best and serena uses it. But now I'm moving towards to two yonex's.

BTW which racquet do you use? I'm guessing one of the head Prestidgs (spelling lol ) So yeh what do you recomend Kblade or the Yonex's?. The blade has theedge over looks
i use a head i.prestige mp, weighted up to 350g. how'd you figure i use a prestige?

the yonex's and the kblade team are all good frames. i'll have more of an opinion on the kblade team after the weekend when i've hit with it, but i do agree the they look good, nice and sleek. if its anything like the standard kblade and the kblade tour then it'll be an excellent frame. overall, most control = yonex rqis tour, manouevrable, more powerful = kblade team, and in between would be the rqis tour 2
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