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Re: Jazar Please help

Originally Posted by serenaslam View Post
So seeing as you're the person who posts most in here , can you give me your opinion on the folowing racquets BTW I'm a 16 year old boy

OK so....

Prince ozone seven ( I know you think it's a girls racquet)
Prince o3 red (The same lol)
Prince o3 white and speedport

Wilson K4 105 (Probs think this is a girls racquet aswell)
Wilson K blade team

Babaolat AeroPro drive cortex

Head Microgel Extreme and Extreme Pro

Yonex RQ iS tour
Yonex RQ iS tour 2
Yonex RQS 11

Sorry I know it's a lot
have no fear, jazar is here. i can tell you all about the rackets, but if you want me to point you towards one in particular then i will need to know what level of player you are, your style, etc.

prince ozone 7 and o3 red are essentially the same racket with slightly different paint jobs. they have a 105sq inch head which is mid plus but on the larger end of it, specially given that they have a much larger sweetspot due to their technology. if you have reasonably long strokes then i wouldnt recommend them. i would describe them as improvers rackets. because of their sweetspot and weight they do pretty much all of the work for you. i know hantuchova uses the ozone 7, but she has added weight to hers and i believe they weigh around 325/330g, which is more than 30g heavier than stock. i personally would never sell one of these to a 16 year old boy.

the 03 white and speedport white are better rackets. they still have the larger sweetspot, but a smaller headsize and more weight. they are more what you would describe as 'player's rackets'.

the k105 is similar to the 03 red, same head size and nearly same weight. they are head heavy so you should only really look at it if you want a light, manouevrable frame. again not the best frame if you have long strokes.

the kblade team is the only racket you mentioned which i havent hit with yet. its similar to the k105, just 1sq inch smaller headsize, but importantly is heavier and more flexible, which give it better control.

the aeropro drive cortex is comparable to the 03 and speedport white, same weight, same headsize. i prefer them to the prince's as you dont have the enlarged sweetspot. they're really easy to generate spin with, though i'm not a big fan of the cortex system.

microgel extreme, again comparable to the o3 and speedport white and babolat. i wasnt the biggest fan of this frame, it seemed to have less control than the babolat. though the microgel technology has a really good feel to it.

microgel extreme pro is just a heavier version of the microgel extreme. it will give slightly more control and also power, provided you have the swing speed.

yonex rqis tour is the most controlled racket you have listed. smallest headsize and heaviest. i really like it, its one of the only frames on the market that i would consider switching to. if you want to use it you need to have good timing and a long, powerful swing, otherwise it will give you nothing. with this racket you have to do all the work yourself.

the rqis tour 2 is also a really nice racket. its a bit lighter than the other 100sq inch frames you have listed, but in my opinion plays the best. it is replacing the rqs 11 and is a better racket than it.

finally, i'll give you a list of the rackets in order of ease of use.

prince ozone 7/o3 red
wilson k105
wilson kblade team
prince o3/speedport white
yonex rqis tour 2
head microgel extreme
babolat aeropro drive cortex
head microgel extreme pro
yonex rqis tour 1
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