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Originally Posted by KiwiChica View Post
I am pissed off beyond belief.

As I already stated earlier, I work freelance (for a newspaper), and for them, I have the status of a slave or something. I am pissed off, Annoying Boss and The B**** have ruined all the fun I once had in that job, and I just want to quit. Especially because right now, I have a shitload to do and they just won't stop pestering me.

Last week, I had sent them an email in which I had asked for a break, simply because I feel empty, tired and stressed out, my creativity has run dry and I struggle with each and every article. So all I want is a break.

Yesterday I got an email from them: "I know you have asked for a break, but could you pretty please attend one more event for us? yadda yadda"
I found that rather brazen, to be honest. So after blowing off some steam yesterday and being entirely pissed off, I wrote them that this appointment was the definitely last one I was doing for them, because I can't go on at the moment, there is a lot of pressure on my small shoulders. I asked them not to call or email again me until further notice. I just hope they got the message now. But knowing those folks, they won't. I can perfectly see it now - they will email or call again next week and if they do so, they will meet Extremely Bitchy Kiwi, and trust me, you won't want to meet an Extremely Bitchy Kiwi. Not to mention that I'll have the pleasure to talk to Annoying Boss on the cell again and will have to listen to his whining why I DARE to ask for a break.

In short - I am fed up with everything at the moment. And if it weren't for you lovely chicas and my friends, I'd give up now. It has gotten too much. I feel as if I was a part of a ball game, only that I am not a player, but the ball that is kicked or thrown to and fro.


Okay, I am outta here again. Thanks for listening and letting me vent.
Kiwi honey!!!

I'm sure they will listen to you!!! You already explained them you didn't had the time or the patience for it!!! But, if they once again try to say anything via e-mail or phone ignore them!!!

Take care of yourself now sweetie!!! You sure need some time off to relax before you get yourself a total wrack!!!

You know that if you need anything I'll be here!!! Leaving my MSN connected and I'll check regularly my mail just in case!!! Love ya Kiwi!!!

How about take some nice time off to see some of your favorite TV Series or take a look at the post I made especially for you a while ago on the Videos of Tommy!!!

No matter what honey just keep moving and facing everyone with your head up high!!!

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