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Re: Is golf more popular than tennis?

Originally Posted by for-sure
Tennis has a more mixed demographic. Although it has been called an "elite" sport, in reality you have a mixed bag watching it; meaning demographic targeting is much harder for firms.
You are right, there is definitely more prize money in golf. For example, in last week's Irish Open, the winner got something like 200,000 euro. And this isn't even a particularly large tournament on the European golf tour.
Re the demographics: it's true that tennis probably attracts the more 'casual' tv viewer than golf, but at actual participation level, I think it is nearly as elitist as golf. By this I mean the cost of joining a tennis club, lessons etc. In Germany at least, a lot of people are put off by the prices being charged, even though they are supposedly less than in tennis' heyday of Becker and Graf, when everyone wanted to play.

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