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Re: The One-Handed Backhand

No no...please do not pull sideways! You must pull up, but dont pull off (or up on) the ball as quickly. Imagine yourself keeping the ball on your strings longer at the point of contact (thus not pulling off the ball as fast). Your follow through needs to be "lower" than it ussually is. Your follow through should not change, it should be the same follow through, only lower.

Please remember, this was my last of suggestions.

First in foremost do NOT be afraid to develop a great slice and turn your defensive position around. Again, I assume you are on defense (or about to be) if you are not hitting it above your zone. Slicing high balls can be a huge weapon.

In regards to hitting "on the rise." I get extremely upset when i hear other tennis pros teaching juniors to hit on the rise. If you watch the ATP pros you will notice they are hitting the ball at its highest point... not early. Hitting The ball on the rise will rush your shot, hitting at the highest point gives you optimal time to set up, and will still be plenty of time to put your oppenent off guard (remember this is all assuming the highest point is also around your zone). Do not let the ball fall off of its peak. Once that happens, you hit the ball too late! Thats the key is to set up and make contact at the perfect point.

Hopefully this will clear some things up. Dont stress too much about the high backhand, my first recommendation is to use slice since you are on the defense anyway (just keep it deep and low)

Steve Viglione

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