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You pose a problem that MANY players face. Regardless of the forehand or backhand side, hitting a high ball is one of the harder parts of tennis. Here is some help. I am a tennis pro, and college player, so I know what its like to play top juniors, in fact, Im playing top division 2 players.

My first advice, when you refer to "hitting the ball on the rise."

1. Make sure you are not hitting the ball too early. Hitting a ball on the rise is dangerous and although it gives your opponent far less time to react, I suggest hitting the ball at the APEX. This means at the highest point. (assuming you are not getting loopy shots from these top players you should have no problem hitting the ball at the highest point because it will be in your comfort zone). My main point being dont hit the ball too early! Hit it that moment before gravity takes over!

Secondly, regarding the high backhand troubles. The reason you need to hit a high backhand is because you missed your optimal contact point (the apex). Therefore, you are hitting a defensive shot! You must fist admit that. At your level right now, Your NEXT best option is to hit the ball on the way down. What important here is that you are still hitting in your comfort zone, the second you step out you are caught up in a shot you are not used to practicing.

Remember how I said if you are hitting the ball up high you are hitting a defensive shot...well, therefore your next best option is a slice.

Lastly, if you plan on hitting topspin on your high backhand you have to remember two things
1. Get under the ball! Even though its a high ball, if you dont get under the ball you will not produce and spin.

2. Secondly, you need to have a low follow through when you hit a high ball (or a low ball). The low follow through will drive the ball rather than produce a loop which is what will happen if you dont have a low follow through.

Good luck, hopefully this will help
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