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Rafa in IW 2008 - SF and 2 good wins :yeah:

It's been a ...great season so far for Rafa and the best is yet to come! In other words it's time to stop horsing around and get to work to defend all those valuable points

So what do you all think? In which round will Rafa lose in this tournament (if he is to lose)?
Those to guess correctly will get... well nothing really, just the satisfaction of telling everyone else "I told you so "

In which round is Rafa going to lose?

1st - (Bye) Blaze-2004, hra87
2nd - yana, l_mac
3rd - dulkogi, hra87
4th - scarecrows, mimi, Naide
QF - Metis, Xristos, Getta, GuiroNI, mallorn
SF - tennizen, cmurray, raven_gypsy, MariaV, Tnn74
F - Foxy, Luvyoyoma1954, tennizen
W - l_mac , tennischeto, Bug, The_Pro, Blaze-2004

in bold font: predictions after the draw came out.

yana, l_mac, dulkogi, hra87, scarecrows, mimi, Naide, Metis, Xristos, Getta, GuiroNI, mallorn, Foxy, Luvyoyoma1954, tennizen, tennischeto, Bug, The_Pro, Blaze-2004

Congrats to the winners:
cmurray, raven_gypsy, MariaV, Tnn74

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