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Originally Posted by Truc View Post
A rough summary:
12 wins in 15 matches since the beginning of the year: he belies his reputation of achieving a few glorious feats from time to time, but not being very consistent. The reason according to him: he doesn't need to "overdo" it in matches at the moment because his average level is very, very good.
Against Haase, he didn't play at his best. He's feeling tired because he's had only 4 days rest since the beginning of the Australian season. Especially mentally, it's tough to stick to his goal, which is to remain focussed from the first point to the very last one - but the efforts are paying off.
Some blabla about the fact that Haase is very talented and promising. Mika served very well yesterday (13 aces, 86% points won on his first serve) and did what his coach always tells him to do: to "provoke" his opponent and attack more and more during the matches. It's easy to make a passing-shot in the 1st game of a match, it's much tougher to do it at 5-5 in the TB, so Malcor.
In Toronto, they had a long discussion and Malcor told him he was not interested in coaching the "old Mika" anymore, that is a guy who works one month and then lets himself go. They spent 3 weeks working on his condition during the winter break and one can see the results now. Malcor says Mika had forgotten about very basic things like going jogging! So he forced him to do it. His legs are now much more muscular and he's much faster in the baseline rallies. Mika says it's true, he hates to go jogging, it's like hell for him, but it was obviously the right decision. He really needed to build up his condition and it now gives him a new confidence. Against Haase, he felt tired, but mentally, he was 100% there. And when you get used to make efforts, everything becomes much more easier.

It was about time to realize it can help to go running when you're a professional sportsman... ^^ Really, I can't believe it sometimes when I read interviews of French players!
Thanks, this was informative! Running can help all of us lol !

So, Mika is ranked the highest he's ever been..#37 up 21 from last week. The only other player to win two tournaments this year is Andy Murray.

I found it interesting to look at Mika's match history this year to see that so many of his sets went to 7.
He played:
6 tournaments
17 matches
39 sets
21 of those sets went to 7 (54% for any statistics nerds), of which 16 were tie breaks!

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