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Re: Who's Going?

Hi there! It's me again!

I was at Costa do Sauipe yesterday, and althhough it`s almost 3:30 am here, I'd like to share some info with all of you.

First of all, unfortunately I only got there after the first match of each court had been already played, and had to leave early to my birthday party. So, from the 16 matches today, I onlygot to watch 2 full matches, and 2 sets from Ferreiro vs Ramirez Hidalgo. The rest of the time watched some players practising, some parts of matches and also checked out the facilities of the tournament.

The first match I saw was Daniel Silva x Diego Junqueira. It was very hot, and just standing under the sun was enough to make even a cactus sweat. There were time-outs asked from both players but boht seemed just as an excuse to gain some time to recover from hard games.

I was kinda disappointed with Danielzinho. He seemed like a possiibly perennial top 150 at least, but I think he lacks any kind of power on his shots. The only shot that is kinda dangerous is his counter attack with his backhand down the line. But for a runner like him, he lacks a good counter punch and often throw some balloons out there, which made Junqueira's life easier especially in the 2nd set. Daniel looked very tired and unmotivated after the first break in the 2nd set.

At the same tile, Julinho and Andujar were playing each other and I got to watch some points. Julinho made his tyypical play of running around and expecting for his opponent to make mistakes. Andujar was dominating the match during the 1st set despite the score, but got tired in the middle of the 2nd. Then, Julinho could have had an easier life, had he not be playing below average. I guess he will have a very difficult next round since he looked very tired after the match. I exchanged some words with him and apparently he still suffers some effects from his leg injury.

After that, I only got to watch Ferreiro x Ramirez Hidalgo. Ferreiro was killing RH in the first set, and his tactics were working pretty well (throw each ball at the backhand of RH and then attack in the forehand when it was wide open). Ferreiro really has a killer forehand! He got disinterested in the final of 1st set and almost blew it but found his concentration to close the set with nice shots.

The second set was very average. Ferreiro was alternating excellent winners with bizarre errors, like hitting a ball inside his own court even before it hits the net. RH was more regular in the TB and deserved the win.

Unfortunately I din`t get to watch the final set, but I`m happy Ferreiro recovered to win it.

PS: I recorded almost 100% of Junqueira x Silva and both the 1st and 2nd sets of Ferreiro x RRH. If anyone is interested, I`ll try to put it in an convenient archive to upload.

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