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Re: Polish it 2006 !!!! Cheering and scores thread

Originally Posted by salinas View Post
First of all, thanks James for the long and interesting reports

Good to hear some nice stories about our fellow players playing abroad. Wojciech Starakiewicz is definitely a great character to watch, unfortunately so long he is one of the most underestimated players in Poland. I can’t however agree with your statement that he has a poor technique. In fact good technique and a very wide variety of shots is one of his biggest strengths. He still lacks some experience on the tour, but the current year should be the crucial one to change it. He has a very good coach (trains in the Netherlands with Michiel Schapers) and he is very ambitious, so I am sure You will have a chance to see him again.

Regards for all the fans from ''
Yes you are probably correct Salinas with regards to Starakiewicz's technique; as I stated in the report above I am hardly a beacon of knowledge when it comes to technique! You are certainly correct about the variety within his game, he seemed to have solid groundstrokes on either side, well equipped at the net and a consistent and well placed serve.

I may be wrong but I wouldn't imagine tennis in general being all that popular in Poland!?! However if Starakiewicz is able to climb the rankings he would most likely gain some fans due to his personality..
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