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Re: Discuss the separate livescoring thread here please!

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
OK since there hasn't been any further discussion on this in over a week, I'm going to assume that people's opinions haven't changed, so we'll go ahead and have our 2008 Scoring thread. I will update the first post for each match with the post # where the next match will start and I will also edit the first post and keep a running list of each match too, so at any time people can find a particular match, should they want to.

I know that right before/after a match it's a little weird/confusing to know, when do we move to the live scoring thread, when do we move back to the tourney thread, etc. So how about to make it easier, we literally have the scoring thread for scores only. So right until the players come on court, stay in the tourney thread and right after match point, go back to the tourney thread, and I think that should work and alleviate some of the confusion.

I'll unstick this but if anyone has anything else to add, speak up
I agree that that is a little bit confusing. I think scores only is good, but does that include discussion during the match about how well he is playing and stuff as well, or just actual scores?


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