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Re: News and Articles about Janko

According to Serbian press, Vecernje Novosti and MTS Mondo,Janko will spend this winter in Dubai,
preparing for the next season...

Roger Federer usually spends that period of year in Dubai,too,and they say,he expressed his wish to train together with Janko!!!
Janko is going to accept his offer

(I don't know if all this is really true,but if it is,that would be great!!!)

Janko and the King together...I hope he prepares well,and stays healthy and fit...,in that case he will try breaking into top 30,cause he doesn't defend points until March!

Good luck Janko!!!

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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Federer said he wanted to train with Janko?! That's quite impressive.

Rafael Nadal.
2008 Wimbledon Champion!

jankotipsarevic. maratsafin. marcosbaghdatis. marioancic.
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Hi friends!

If you haven't voted yet,go and vote to help our Janko go to the next round!

Non-tennis -> Polls and Quizzez -> QF round of our favourite player of 2007
He's in Australian Open Group
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

22nd place in this year's MTF's Favourite Player

People love our Janko!
Getting into top 40 by the beginning of March is realistic.
He's defending 83 points till the middle of May!
Then 335 points in May and June.
Then again not many points in July,August and September- only 50!
And finally 164 points in October till the end of the season.

I hope he stays healthy and fit,and then nothing is impossible!!!
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

I don't know if anyone has posted the interview yet, the AO was a bit late putting it on their site... Here it is, it's a nice read.

Janko Tipsarevic
Saturday, 19 January, 2008

Q. You were so close to causing a huge upset. How does it feel?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Surprisingly, I'm not feeling that bad today. Normally, when I play a tough match and I have some chances to win, especially this tough and against a player like Roger, I'm feeling bad the day after.

So today like I got a lot of positive vibes also from the players in the locker room, my family, my coach. But, well, I think I'm going to be more disappointed tomorrow than I am today.

Q. You obviously had a pre‑match plan.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: The only ‑‑ my opinion, still, against Roger, and not too many players have beaten him in the last couple of years ‑‑ the only way to beat him is to be aggressive. And he needs to ‑‑ he doesn't need to know what's coming to him. Because if you're playing just a one‑sided game he's ending up as a winner pretty fast and really easy.

So my plan was to be aggressive, and then on the other side, try to make him work for the points that he's winning.

Q. The coach, in the media guide you have a coach; in the notes you have another coach. Who is your coach? How many do you have?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: It's my mistake, because I didn't change it with the ATP. Since this season I started ‑‑ actually, since the end of last season, on the preparation period in December, I started working with Jose Perlas, a Spanish coach, and the preparation was really good, really successful.

I started off kind of on the wrong foot getting sick in Doha; had to retire the second round. But I picked it up. We were working pretty hard here in Australia for a week before the tournament started.

Well, I can say the hard work paid off, because I was really close in beating the No. 1 seed.

Q. The feeling in the stadium, did that help you?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Of course it did. I still think that the stadium likes to see a competitor fighting and trying to beat the seeded player, especially somebody like Roger Federer. But I was trying not to get too emotional. I was trying to be focused. I was not, as you maybe saw, I was not cheering for myself too loud. Just trying to stay focused.

But in the end, I mean, against Roger it's so hard, because he's playing every point like point for point. And even when you're up like 40‑Love, the game is far, far from over.

Q. You held serve eight times in the fifth. During one of those changeovers were you thinking to yourself, This time I've got him?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Actually, no. The only deal which ‑‑ I was feeling really comfortable on court today, but the only thing which was causing me a lot of trouble is to try and read his serve.

So at the end of the match I ended up guessing on the side where he's going to serve, because the shoulder rotation that he has makes it extremely difficult to see where is he going to serve according to go toss.

So this was the only thing which I was feeling uncomfortable with. The rest I was feeling pretty good on court.

Q. It's been said that in order to compete with Roger you have to delude yourself into thinking you can compete with Roger. How do you handle the issue of belief in a match like this, self‑belief?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: My opinion about this is that you ‑‑ you have to believe that you're going to beat Roger Federer when you go on court, as stupid as it might sound, as I said before the match.

If you go out there thinking I'm going to play a good match, make him sweat for his money or something like that, it's not going to work. Because then when the chances are given to you, and even Roger Federer is giving chances, you're not going to use them because you're going to be too afraid from victory.

So I went on court with the idea that I can win. I was close. I lost because he was better in the important moments of the match.

Q. Novak said he said something to you before the match.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I was speaking with Novak, because obviously he played him, like, more times than I did. He gave me some tips, and I used them properly. It just ‑‑ it could have gone my way or his way. It was I mean 9‑7 in the fifth ‑‑ was it 9‑7 in the fifth? 10‑8, sorry. I forgot, sorry.

Q. Do you care to share any of that advice?


Q. That advice that Novak gave you.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I don't want to go too much into techniques. Sorry, it's like I don't want to ‑‑ you know what I mean?

Q. Even if you were not afraid to play against Roger, were you surprised yourself to stay during almost all the five sets at his level and to keep your level?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: The one thing I can say proud about myself, because I was known during the years that in parts of the match I'm playing really good, but then my focus goes down and then for like three games I'm not on the court. I make a lot of unforced errors and my focus is going on the completely other way.

So I am satisfied that I fixed this. I'm satisfied that even when I was losing, I was not losing because I was making force or making some stupid mistakes. I was losing because the other guy was outplaying me at the moment.

Q. I've often heard you say you and the other Serbian players have created what you have out of mud. I wondered if there's ever a moment if a match, or in this match specifically, where you just thought, How did I get here? This is amazing.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: No. Actually, no. I'm thinking about this normally when we're sitting having a drink and thinking how we start it all. But on the match, if you get too emotional about this, I don't think it's helping you, like, tactic‑wise and helps you stay focused in thinking about your game plan against players.

Q. We are used to hearing that the one who wins has made the most important point. But today you had three break points, and you made three breaks. He had 21 break points, he made only 5. That doesn't mean anything to you?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Also, people need to understand that also Roger Federer is human and that he's beatable, and also that he's feeling the pressure on a certain point of a match. It's extremely, extremely difficult for the guys on top, and I've said this during the years.

That every guy who goes on court and believes that he can beat like a top 5, top 10 player, is, as I like to say, releasing his hand and playing his best tennis. These guys have to keep it up, year after year, you know.

But also, you have to understand that every time when you have a chance, you don't have to play something extreme like, I don't know, like fast backhand down the line or something like that.

I was lucky that in these points I was focused and thinking that he's also human and he can make mistakes. Not trying to overplay.

Q. Another thing is he made the 96 winners versus your 52. But 39 were aces, and then there were at least 20 first serves that you couldn't read well, as you said before. So that means from the baseline when you start playing after the first serve you compete even better than him?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I think that I was feeling more comfortable tonight or today, whatever, from the baseline than Roger did. I was handling his slice pretty well. I was using my legs, bending down as I should, as my coach told me.

But I wasn't serving that bad. The only problem was that I was not able to read his serve. And if we had more rallies from the baseline, maybe it will go my way.

Q. He actually said that you will play him from the baseline. Was there a point in the fourth set that you started thinking about the fifth one and just let it go?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I was ‑‑ I was a little bit physically down, because I was working really hard for five, six weeks during the preseason. But being sick for a week is like ‑‑ it's decreasing your fitness a little bit. And, also, a week before a Grand Slam I was practicing hard, but I couldn't stay longer than one‑and‑a‑half hours on the court, you know, trying to be fresh for the ‑‑ when the week starts.

So I was a little bit tired, as you might see, but I was ‑‑ I was having a game plan to try and give it all in the fifth, like I did in the first round match.

Q. Everybody's talking about Djokovic, but now with your serve, with Ivanovic and Jankovic, there are many Serbian players. How do you explain this?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: There is, I said it a lot, there is no explanation for the good players that we have from Serbia. Obviously the main popularity of the sport is coming from the two girls, Jelena and Ana and Novak.

A lot of people in Serbia don't understand that in sport, it's normal to have this positive jealousy of the players who are in front of you. And I also said it to myself a lot of times. If Novak can do it, why can't I do it? And maybe I'll never do it, but this is making me be better and improving my tennis.

You often see nations where when one guy starts the other guy starts and it's like a wave coming with young players. Now it's getting better, but, I mean, still I have to tell you the truth: We don't have one hard court in the country, so it's kind of difficult.

Q. You think Federer was nervous? After the break he started walking the wrong way.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I don't think he was nervous ‑‑ he was maybe like not completely focused, but obviously in some points of the match I was feeling that he was nervous, which is normal.

Q. Do you think this match is going to change your career?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Even if I came out as a loser from today's match I think I learned a lot. I hope I earned some respect from the players around the world. And of course this match is definitely going to help me in the season, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Even if it may sound novel at this question, if after four hours and 27 minutes you cannot read the serve of Federer, how many hours and how many matches do you think you need in order to be able to?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I think that players who play him more than five times still cannot read his serve.

Q. So there is no hope?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: You have ‑‑ it's more like a tactic that you have, points of the match when it's important, where if you look at a percentage, where is he serving most.

But his toss is always the same. He turns around with his shoulder always the same. And then, I mean, serve is the only stroke in tennis which only depends on you. So if you hide it well, then it's extremely difficult to read it.

Q. You have a special shot on your backhand; am I wrong?


Q. When you play with one hand on the side. Can you try and explain?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Well, obviously it wasn't working very well today. But, no, this is ‑‑ this is actually a shot when I cannot reach the ball, and the only way for me to reach it is to play maybe a high‑low, which the opponent is normally smashing in the other direction. I try to surprise him, and sometimes it actually works.

Q. Does it hurt?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: No, it doesn't hurt. But actually, if you play it good it is actually ‑‑ how you say, efficient? Because normally players from this side are expecting a high‑low ball, like a low slice or something like that. But today was not really efficient.

Q. Is it true that you read a lot?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Yeah, I try. Normally tennis players have hard the life is, traveling all the time. We do have a lot of time, and I spend some of it reading, yes.

Q. What kind of books? What are you reading right now?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Right now I am rereading for the third time the book called Idiot from Dostojevski. Sounds funny, but ‑‑

Q. Is it the tattoo?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC: It's the tattoo I have on my left arm, yes.


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Originally Posted by Paul
u shouldnt like people based on hotness
you need to be more like me
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Thank you!

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Re: News and Articles about Janko

anybody know why the tatoo is Japanese?I mean "beauty will save the world">

Bjorn PhauWu Di
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

In another quarter-final upset, Dutchman Robin Haase defeated No. 5 Janko Tipsarevic. It wasn’t a clean match, with a total of 92 errors (44 for Tipsarevic, 48 for Haase); but it was entertaining.

At four games all in the first set, Haase broke the Tipsarevic serve, consolidating it with a hold at love, securing that set 6-4. Between sets the ATP trainer came out to work on a heel blister for Tipsarevic, which seemed to initially hamper his movement in the second set; although he held his first service to go up 1-0; then broke Haase, and held again for 3-0. Haase’s next game went to deuce, and Tipsarevic broke again for 4-0. Haase was hitting out on easy rally balls, and it looked like his game was breaking down a bit as the errors piled up. He struggled to get one of his breaks back, but serving at 1-4 he double faulted on game point. Serving with new balls, Tipsarevic held at love to win the second set 6-1
Both players came out firing in the crux third set, although Haase got to deuce on his first service game; and Tipsarevic followed that with another love-hold. The match turned when Haase broke Tipsarevic’s next serve, then held serve to go up 4-1. In that game, Tipsarevic argued a call on a Haase ace, but it stood. Next game, on his serve – the Serbian didn’t like another call which cost him the first point. He blasted a ball into the back wall, drawing a ball abuse penalty. After that point, Tipsarevic seemed edgy and impatient, going for winners early in points and often missing the lines. That game went to seven deuces, ending with Tipsarevic smacking a big backhand winner deep into the deuce corner.
An easy hold for Haase was followed by a love-hold from Tipsarevic, but the clock had been punched for this match – Haase served it out for 6-3, with Tipsarevic hitting one into the net at 40-5. Final score was 6-4, 1-6, 6-3.
By the Numbers
Serving percentages for the match were .70 and .63 for Tipsarevic and Haase respectively. Only two double faults were served in the whole match, both by Haase. Tipsarevic served eight aces, Haase four. Haase hit twelve more winners than Tipsarevic - 28 to 16. Tipsarevic came to the net five times. Four break chances were exchanged in the second set; however Haase saved both of his and Tipsarevic gave his two up.
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Thank you!
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

I'm so happy to see Janko is in main draws of Valencia, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome

Last year at that time he played Marrakech, Casablanca and Tunis Challengers.

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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Hahaha... whata joker. Apparentl Janko made some wisecrack about Novak being the best candidate for Serbian president and someone took it seriously. Seriously it was a joke ppl!
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Hi all! I found this interview of Janko (I don't know from when or where, sorry) and I was wondering if anyone who speaks Serbian would be willing to please translate it. I can figure out the movies, books and actor, personal info but everything else I do not understand. Serbian-English translators are notorious for their inaccuracy so... please and thank you!

Ime i prezime:
Janko Topsarević
Datum rođenja:
Visina i težina:
Visok sam 180cm, a imam 82kg.Trenutno sam na dijeti jer pokušavam da skinem tri-četiri kilograma viška.
Boja očiju:
Zaboravan sam, na većinu sastanaka kasnim bar 15 minuta...To činim namerno da ne bih došao pre "druge strane", tj. da ne bih čekao jer to mrzim najviše na svetu. Naravno svestan sam da se usled takvog mog rezonovanja drugi nađe u ulozi "onog koji čeka", ali zato o ovome i govorim kada pričam o manama.
Ne bi bilo lepo da ja o njima pričam.
Dome,slatki dome:
Živim u Studentskoj ulici, u Novom Beogradu, ali najviše vremena provodim na turnirima. Nedavno sam sa trenerom računao koliko sam tokom godine bio na putu i izračunali smo od prilike 8 mjeseci.
Najčešće lježem i ustajem:
U krevet odlazim oko ponoći, a ustajem 45 minuta pre jutarnjeg treninga koji je ili u 8 ili u 10h.
Slušanje muzike,pravljenje muzike na kompjuteru, knjige, filmovi, pozorišne predstave...
Najbolji prijatelji:
Darko, Nemanja,Aca,Marko
Prva ljubav:
Imao sam 14-15 godina.Prve ljubavi su uvek lepe, bez obzira na to kako se završe.
Idealna devojka:
Za mene je to moja devojka, mada idealna ne postoji.
Osobine koje devojka ne sme da ima da bi mi se svidjela:
Ne volim devojke koje misle da sve znaju, kao i one koje vezi " ne daju prostora".Kad to kažem mislim i na ljubomoru i na insistiranje da smo non-stop zajedno.
Najbolji provod u poslednjih godinu dana:
Svaki put kad izađem sa svojim društvom, fenomenalno se provedem.
Najlepše mesto na kojem sam bio:
Rim i Mauricijus je divan, a Rim je Rim.
Gde nisam bio a voleo bih da jesam:
Želim da vidim Havaje.Ogromna je razlika kada nekuda putujem privatno i kad idem da bih igrao. Na Mauricijusu sam uživao jer tamo prvi put nisam morao da vučem torbu sa opremom. Nosio sam samo peškir i novčanik, a ne torbu prepunih raketa i prljavih stvari. Profesionalni teniser bar dva puta godišnje treba da ode na odmor, jednom na kraju godine, pre nego što počne pripremni period, a drugi put kad mu obaveze dozvole. U suprotnom može da se desi da poludi.
Mesta za izlaske:
Sve je manje mjesta koja mi se dopadaju.
Sitnice bez kojih nikuda ne idem:
Sat, mobilni i novac. Ali toliko sam rasejan da se ne bih začudio da jednoga dana zaboravim da se obučem pre nego što izađem iz kuće.
Knjiga:" Poniženi i uvređeni" Dostojevskog.Gledao sam i u narodnom pozorištu gledao fenomenalnu predstavu "Idiot".
"Dežurni krivci" i "Doni Brasko"
Al Paćino i Šarliz Teron
Boja :
Crna i bela, ako one mogu da se nazovu bojama.
Punjena pljeskavica, ali sve zavisi od ranga turnira...najbolje je na velikim ATP turnirima jer su igrači na njima veoma poštovani, ali najgore mi je bilo u Uzbekistanu.Pošto sam igrao dva turnira, čitave dve nedelja sam jeo piletinu, samo što mi krila nisu izrasla!!!
Slatkiši:Ne volim ih naručito, ali mi se dopadaju "Tviks" čokoladice.
Srećan broj:Nemam ni srećan broj, ni amajliju, ne kažem da je sujevjerje loše, ali nastojim da se ne vezujem za nešto, računajući na to da će mi donjeti sreću.
Doba dana:
Predveče oko pet-šest.

Pozdrav svima......
(Thank you to Alexandra of Janko Tipsarevic Fan Forum... I think maybe this is your interview)
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

ok,as you all already know,my English is not perfect,but I did my best.Here it is...

(I skipped information like name,date of birth...)

drawbacks: I'm always late-at least 15 minutes...I do that intentionally,because I don't wanna wait other person to come. waiting is the the thing I hate the most.
merits:I don't like to talk about that,it's not very nice.
home,sweat home: I live in Belgrade,but I'm travellling most of the time.Few days ago I was calcuating how much time I spend
on tournaments around the world.The result was:8 months.
My bed time is around midnight,and I usually wake up 45 minutes
before my morning training(my morning training are around 8am or 10 am)
interests and hobbies:listening and making music on my pc,books,movies...
best friends:darko,nemanja,aca,marko
first love:I was 14 or 15 years old.First love is always beautiful,no matter how it ends.
ideal girl:for me,it's my girlfriend,altough "ideal girl" doesn't really exist
I don't like girls who think that they know everything and those who are too jealous and don't give me enough space.
Most beautiful place I've visited:Rome and Mauritius,but Rome is Rome
Place I would like to visit: I would like to see Hawaii.There's a huge difference between my private trips and when I travel to some tournament. I was enjoying in Mauritius because for the first time I didn't have to carry around my tennis bag. Professional tennis players should go to the vacation at least twice a year.

(you said that you understood the part about books and movies so I'm gonna skip that too)

favourite colors:black and white
fovourite food:"punjena pjeskavica"(there is no translation for this,
that's a serbian meal made of meat,very tasty)...but that depends on tournament I'm playing.Best food is at big ATP tournaments,and the worst was in Uzbekistan.I was playing two tournaments there and for two weeks I was eating chicken every day.I almost got wings because of that!
candies:I like "Twix"bars
my lucky number:I don't have a lucky number.I don't say that superstition is a bad thing but I'm trying not to tie to something....
favourite part of the day: afternoon,around 5 and 6 pm

Well.that's it. Forgive me for my mistakes and enjoy
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Thanks so much for doing that Jelena My favourites are "Twix" bars too


Supporting Djoković, Tipsarević, Soderling, Tursunov, Youzhny, Cilić and quite a few more
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Re: News and Articles about Janko

Thanks so much, Jelena
The more I know about the more I like him
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