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Playing with a sprain .. risky?

Yesterday I had a little accident with the net when trying to chase down a drop shot and I sprained my right ankle (slight) and wrist. I'm supposed to have an hour of coaching tomorrow and then a match on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and then another coaching session next Saturday. I'm a bit sore but having only taken up tennis 6 months ago (already missed a month with strained knee ligaments) I'm in better shape than ever and want to stay on a role if I can.

So basically I'm asking how much of risk it would be play with a sprain? Have any of you played with a sprain etc etc. Neither sprain is bad AFAIK and I'm thinking I'll be grand by Monday so basically I'm just mulling over whether to go to the coaching session tomorrow. Any advice would be handy

I'm guessing that it's too big a (stupid) risk and I'd be better off resting tomorrow and that reading this has been a waste of your time (sorry), but I missed my last coaching session to watch the Hewitt-Baghdatis match and I'd rather play again tomorrow as long as there is no real level of injury risk involved.
Sorry and thank you for reading
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