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Re: Andrei Pavel- he's back- cheering thread

Today I saw him again... I approached him and he got this big smile and said "Hi how are you?" I knew then that he really did remember me as his fan from last year I asked him about doubles since Waske has the injury.... he is going to play with Thomas Johansson I told him I was worried he wouldn't be able to play doubles when Alex got the injury and he said something like "oh no I always find someone to play with me"

While he was waiting to go onto court to practice he walked past me again and pointed at my arms and said "you need to put some sun block on", I asked if I was burnt and he said I wasn't but I would be soon! (I did already have some on but I was very happy that he had so much concern for my welfare )... unfortuanately then his practice got changed to one of the show courts so I couldn't watch. He said "see you later" as he left
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