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Re: Suggestion for FITD

The scoring in the fill in the draw game should be same as is done in the actual game.
for example if i predicted nieminen for round 3 and no further, (Adelaide tournament)
I should receive 40 points for the prediction on Nieminen in total.
I should not also receive 15 + 40=55
The present system makes it all important to pick the winner and making goods picks throughout matters little as long as you get the winner right.
Another example from adelaide
if you picked llorda as winner you should receive 175 points in total for that prediction not 175+120+75+40+15=425 as you are doing it presently
If we scored the round points the same as the players score them in actual fact.
it would be much more realistic.
it would reward all correct picks in realistic proportions
it would still give outstanding rewards for picking winners and finalists without totally making other smaller picks irralevant.
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