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Re: The Asado Thread: Chat (and Chew) Here

Originally Posted by Nalrodd View Post
Hi. My name is Simon and I'm a student from Slovakia. After finishing my studies I hope to get some high-paying job , possibly something with politics as that is what interests me and what I'm studying. My hobbies include reading books (fantasy, historical...), playing tennis (only recreationally now, I used to play competetively around here though), listening to music (almost anything), engaging in social acitivities and so on... oh, and I'm an avid smoker .

Nice to meet all of you.
Hi Simon, nice to meet you too.

i'm a smoker too, it's wrong & we know it. although i'm not smoking as much as i used to i still can't completely quit it.

Originally Posted by krystlel View Post
It's nice that we finally have a chat thread, I always thought we had enough posters here to have one...

I'm Krystle and 20 years old. I studied information technology for the last three years majoring in information systems and interactive media. I just graduated from uni about a month ago and am now in the annoying period of looking for a job when I don't have any experience. Preferably I would like to get a job as a graphics designer/web designer, but I'm also applying for jobs as a graduate business analyst and general graduate programs. Apart from that, I enjoy listening to music, watching and playing tennis and watching TV shows, on the other hand, I don't like movies and almost never watch any.
Krystle it's nice to meet you at last.

somehow I thought you were older.
don't ask me why cause I wouldn't know what to answer, I just did.
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