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Re: The Asado Thread: Chat (and Chew) Here

Originally Posted by bailarina View Post
Hello all..

I'm Tish. Add me to the over30s club I just got back home in Melbourne after travelling for 1.5 years so back to following tennis (read: David) again. I love learning Spanish and obsessed with dancing tango. My favourite city in the world is Buenos Aires and I really think I should have been born an Argentinian

For money, I normally do IT stuff but I'm not going to work in January so I can watch tennis every single minute and hopefully go to the Oz Open most days.
Hello Tish, it's nice to finally get to 'know you', LOL.
& how do you do that, travelling for so long. I can only wish, really.

Originally Posted by bittertea View Post
So nice to return to see this forum revamped for the *touches wood* eventful new season.

Brief introduction; I'm Natalie, a 21 yr old photography student from Sheffield now residing in London. I study at pretentious art-college and spend more time on perfecting my angular hair style than in class. Music is my boyfriend, I play drums and guitar and would like to come back as either Prince or David Bowie in an alternate reality. I collect books, enjoy obscure indie cinema and have an incomprehensible love for androgynous men.
Natalie, nice to meet you.

Originally Posted by LeChuck View Post
A great idea for a thread .
Hey guys. My name is Scott, and I'm 20 years old. I'm a Canadian who lives in the UK. I was born and raised in Vancouver but my family and I emmegrated to Lancashire in England over 10 years ago. I'm 25% Northern Irish, and I have a special affinity with Belfast and the whole of the country/province.
I'm a big fan of playing and watching sports. In fact tennis is only my 3rd favourite sport, after hockey (which I suppose isn't that surprising given that I'm a Canuck) and football (the version where the foot actually makes regular contact with the ball ).
I'm a 2nd year medical student in London, and that basically involves both working hard and also partying hard.
I also enjoy travelling, listening to music and my favourite TV show at the moment is Scrubs (at my uni many of us like to watch Scrubs in scrubs )
I've been a fan of Nalbandian ever since I saw him live against Ferrero and Moya at Estoril in 2002.
the only football.

You were there too that was my first time seeing David live & where I fell for him as well.

nice to meet you, Scott.
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