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Re: Premium users and its (dis)advantages

Originally Posted by Baghdatis72 View Post
So this means that unless there is someone who cares about the customers of this website then we will see no change.

I don't really care if it was written or not that I would have or not a ad-free experience. I put this because I got tired of this ads, of people complaining about them and me telling them that they would have to install third party addons in their programs in order to have a good experience.
As Baghdatis72 said, we will get fucked up over and over again until there's someone who cares about us.
We even don't have access to a list of users because it would generate more traffic and blablabla. I can't count how many premium users we have in order to know how much money they received from us to pay server cost.
At least, to be honest with their users, they should post server costs and how much we are far from reaching this value in order to we know. Put this together with an ad () saying that if they help, they will get a better experience (aka, no ads, faster connection, better connection). I believe now then people would help and admins would stop complaining that they put ads in OUR forum (cause it's we that make the forum, not verticalscope. we're the community, we're who makes this forum interesting. well, you guys, not me, i'm not the best poster in GM this forum has ever seen) to pay this costs.
I'm really waiting for some changes.
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