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Re: Premium users and its (dis)advantages

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
Well that discussion and Steve's post all happened right after the redesign where the premium memberships were brought back, so I don't know when the no-ad promise would've occurred. Definitely in the first incarnation, it did, but it was also more expensive (2.99 a month and 19.99 a year instead of what it is now, 9.99 a year and 24.99 for life). But no, I really don't think it matters either way. There's a long stretch from "not a no-ad experience," which considering people didn't really complain about it after that point in May when we were told it was not gonna happen, til now, when all these ads popped up, shows me that most people didn't really care about the few ads here and there because they were relatively unobtrusive, to where we are now with ads sprayed all over the place that are literally hindering people's browsing of the board, especially with no warning. it's still crappy.

I think making people register in order to browse the forum is a good idea - in fact, didn't it used to be like that (I remember, before this last redesign, having to register for wtaworld when i wanted to read a thread there - I'm always logged in here so I just assumed it was the same here)? Also, what about a return to priority access to save money? If the traffic is really extreme during some certain points, why not lower the amount of server space always allocated - thereby saving money - and then during the busy points, give those who paid the access first. That's what it was during the first premium membership and it worked pretty well most of the time.

I dunno, I just hope it's not ignored for too much longer.

Totally agree with the whole bolded part.

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