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Re: Premium users and its (dis)advantages

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
Oh, really? Were these things on the list before? I didn't know that. Does anyone remember what was there when they paid? I mean, in a sense it doesn't matter I think we all agree that it's crappy either way, even if those things were never explicitly promised, everyone knew they existed and paid because of it. I bet if we took a poll, no one paid for the bigger av or custom headline or more PM space. And either way, one would hope they care enough about those who have actually bothered to pay. I mean, they very clearly stated it would not be an ad-free experience. That's fine and I think pretty much everyone was OK with that, but no one had any idea that this is what would happen.

And I can only speak for myself (but I have a feeling i'm not alone in this is), but something that annoys me about it is the lack of communication. We weren't even told the name change option would be gone, we weren't told that we'd never get the player forums we voted for 6 months ago, we weren't really told about the changes in ads, or even changes in administration so we'd know who to contact directly with specific concerns. I'm hoping that now that the holidays are over, these concerns will at least be addressed, since there was little to no communication all along.
to sum it, who ever took over MTF they did it to make money off it and not for love on the game, the reason this forum was started.

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