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Re: hopman cup 2008

Originally Posted by Via View Post
a long story... basically i've had it worked out that the special interviews and previous evening highlights are only shown during 'intermissions', so i set the recording for an hour or two using my best guess, and went out.... but yeah, i'm still watching more tv than usual this week lol
Great job!

Originally Posted by Via View Post
fabrice is a joker.... arnaud isn't joking cos it sounds more realistic!
That's good then that he was serious, so now there is a kind of an official reply to all the talks about his soon retirement

Originally Posted by Via View Post
there weren't other things for arnaud... he tried to think but came up with nothing else, so he said, that's it. (so all he could think of was getting a wife )
Oh poor thing... Via, please, take care about him next week(s)!

Originally Posted by higherlaw View Post
Arnaud is wearing a tux and he's much more classic (that could be construed as veteran I suppose) than Novak...Jelena looks good, but Tatiana's stockings??
I wish there was a picture of Arnaud and Tatiana together

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