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Re: The "Let's Stay out of the Tabloids kthanks" 2007 News Thread!

some small things I've just found

among Tom Perrotta's 12 wishes for 2008:

1. Roger Federer wins the French Open–and no other majors.....

Alternate wish, just to spice things up: Federer wins three majors but again loses the French Open final – this time to Andy Roddick. Now that’s a story.

6. A baseball cap ban.
Yes, that’s right I’m looking for the WTA and ATP to ban baseball caps unless players need to shield their eyes from the sun or keep the heat off their heads. Tennis players, in the main, are a stylish and unique bunch. Why hide it under a bland cap? Anyone notice how much more interesting Djokovic is without one (he lost it late in the season)? At least we can start with a ban on backwards caps. Yes, that means you, Richard Gasquet.

8. Santa Claus brings Andy Roddick some shirts that fit. Stop tugging!

Steve Tignor: 10 Gifts from '07
7. Andy Roddick Shows His Many Sides
The image Roddick would like to remember most from 2007 came at the end of his last match, against Dmitry Tursunov in the Davis Cup final in Portland. Roddick finished with arms outstretched, the U.S. crowd applauding thunderously. Some people might have other memories of Roddick in '07—the deer in the headlights look he had by the end of his loss to Richard Gasquet at Wimbledon, perhaps.

For me, Roddick’s most memorable moments were more obscure, and revealing. The first came at the Australian Open, where he played one of the best matches of the year, a five-set tug of war with Mario Ancic. Roddick had started this tournament in an ugly way, berating the lower-ranked Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the first round for daring to hang with him in a first-set tiebreaker. The next week, Roddick, playing a guy he respected, turned his attitude around 180 degrees. Anyone watching his match with Ancic might have expected the winner to drop to his knees in celebration (this certainly would have been the case if Novak Djokovic had been involved), but when Roddick clinched it 6-4 in the fifth, he raised an arm calmly and . . . that was it. He had too much respect for his opponent and the match they had just played to rub his face in his defeat. Instead, Roddick and Ancic walked to the net for an old-school handshake—no hugs, no head rubs, just a nod of respect for a match well fought.

Fast-forward five months to the final at Queens Club. Roddick played Nicolas Mahut in an entertaining three-setter. The American couldn’t seem to decide whether he respected Mahut, even while the Frenchman was pounding him through the first two sets. Mahut reached match point and had an easy passing shot lined up. With his first career title on the line, he rushed and drilled the ball into the tape. Instead of turning around to walk back to the baseline, Roddick backpedaled and watched Mahut the whole way. The look on Roddick’s face was, simultaneously, one of shock, relief, scorn, arrogance, and, somewhere deep down in there . . . sympathy. He could relate. Mahut had, perversely, earned his respect at that moment.

How many other professional athletes, let alone tennis pros, can express anything like that range of emotions while they play? It's why we’ll miss Andy Roddick when he’s gone.

Peter Bodo asks Santa to give presents to tennis pros:

Andy Roddick:
Tonya Harding's cell phone number.

and an American diver(who I personally don't know - although that means nothing ) mentioned Andy in an interview(and yahoo found it for me)
From the Municipool in Logan to the grand stage that is the Olympic Games, Cache Valley native and world-class diver Justin Wilcock has his eyes set on achieving his life-long goal of an Olympic gold medal.

HJ: Did you have an opportunity to rub shoulders with any of those superstars?

Wilcock: Yeah, a few celebrities. The U.S. delegation had an athletes lounge where you could go relax and hang out. One night toward the end of the games, a bunch of athletes were down there. We were watching TV and Andy Roddick was in there. I tell everyone that I watched TV with Andy Roddick.

oh and mentions Andy as one of the mentally toughest guys on the Tour nowadays

fan of Andy Roddick &Michael Owen

besides them rooting for: Bob Bryan; Mike Bryan; MarTy Fish

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