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Re: James Blake is a good player but is not Slam material...

Originally Posted by tennischick View Post
i disagree. both Roddick and james have room for improvement and actually James has shown more growth over the past year than Roddick. James a year ago had NO backhand. James a year later has an unreliable backhand. James next year will have a backhand with zing and consistency if he works on it. i'm not sure that he is Slam-worthy either but i think he will continue to steadily improve as he has been doing. nice discussion thread tho'.

also i entirely agree with Pea. that's exactly what i said in the live thread last night as we were discussing the game. james just seemed confused. his footwork need to improve, also his strategising and occasional shot selection. sometimes he didn't expect the ball to come back. no professional tennis player ever assumes that the ball won't come back!
Injuries came to play after 2002 but James did improve in 2005-2006. The backhand got "zing" but "James backhand" and "consistency" do not belong together in the same sentence.

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