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Re: Problem with Backhand (beginner)

It's not lack of strength. It's lack of technique. I've been there, and that's normal. You're using strength to hit the ball because you don't have good technique yet. When you do, you'll stop having to put effort into it, it'll be natural. If you're 22 you shouldn't lack strenght for a single-handed. That's a problem for children.

About moving to the wrong place... okay, to start: you shouldn't guess where the ball is going before it actually leaves the racket of the other player, unless you're at a higher level, when you're not actually guessing, but anticipating the next move (as in closing the net).
Second, you're hitting the ball too close or too far because you're not moving well, another problem that happens with all beginners. You'll have to try to move faster, with many small steps, to position yourself to hit the ball at a proper distance. You'll get used to the bounces too. All this needs practice, words aren't as helpful. Try to focus a lot on the ball and on your movements when hitting it. Do the backswing early and you'll be able to hit the ball doesn't matter where it bounces. With time you'll end up gettin' the different bounces (slices, topspin, flat).
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