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Problem with Backhand (beginner)


I just started taking tennis lessons, I'm a huge follower of the ATP season, so when I started (just had my 5th class) I already tried to pay attention to the movement of professional players and etc.

So I'm having a problem with my backhand. I feel that whenever a get a little bit tired, my arm can't do the movement well. It seems like instead of full of square-holes (the string), my raquet is completely solid and finding resistance against the air. So when I'm going to hit the ball I hit it almost like if I'm slicing it from the BOTTOM, then it goes UP, and UP, and UP....

the coach said it was common because I'm just starting and my muscle is probably not 'adapted' yet to playing tennis. Is he correct or am I definitely doing something wrong and should check out the problem?

[edit] I'm trying single handed backhand, is it maybe lack of strenght and I should try 2 handed backhand? or should I wait a little longer before changing it?


on a side note, I'm also finding myself moving a lot to the wrong place to hit the ball, Like too close of it (like with my body really close of it) or putting my arm very close to it, putting my in akward positions to hit the ball..

So is there a time for me to 'wait' and check where the ball is going? Or am I going to get that with time, like from when the guy hits the ball I'm going to know where it will bounce and position myself at the right place?
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