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How's everyone in here? I miss this place so much, I'm so busy these days I can't visit the forum at all during my day at work, and since my wireless connection at home is still crap

And I'm just getting so nervous these days.
The last 3 weeks have been crazy at work, my coworker says I scare her because she never suspected when they hired me that I could be so stressed. duh
I had my first own client on Monday. For a divorce (sorry for the romantic people I'm shocking, but business is business lol ). So that was the positive aspect of the busy work schedule The most negative one was having a heart attack yesterday when someone said I had until today to send the tax office some paper that I didn't know about oh, how fantastic it is to join the world of (independent) workers

On a personal aspect I still haven't started to buy any Xmas gift. Or even started thinking about what I'll buy for whom. And I'll have absolutely no time to go shopping in the next days due to work meetings planned until 8 or 9pm. Yay! (My boss must have some maid to do the Xmas shopping for him...)
But we bought the Xmas tree this morning. It's the first time in 15yrs or more that we buy a real one instead of getting our old plastic one out of his box I couldn't stand it one more year so I pushed my parents to let me buy a real one!!!!

Anyway, I'm counting the days until my week off, because:
a) I really need a break!!!!
b) it's getting so frustrating not to be able to catch up with you all
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great video. Baghdatis made me laugh so much, he looks totally lost. I even thought he would continue the song in French maybe

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yeeeeeep. and guess who wins the prize for being MR OUT OF POINT AND OUT OF PLACE!!!

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in about 6 months time

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Edit: I am so glad you guys get my postcards It could be much worse:

Don't laugh. I'm sure Annie and Irina will get all the cards I sent them so far in about.... 90 years

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