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Suicide Tennis - Davis Cup 2008

For the first year, I believe, Davis Cup will be runned in Suicide Tennis. After pages of diuscussion with another players, we, the Suicide Tennis Board, are ready to set up the rules and to start the process of commitments and recruitment.

1. Qualifications
Automatically, the country that the top 16 players (more if some nationality is repeated) plays for are qualified to participate in Davis Cup. This players are automatically considered as teams captains. They can choose another person to be team captain if they do not want to be captain. If this player/captain does not want to play Davis Cup or do not make a commitment and/or recruit one player more until Dec 31, an alternate country will be called. The alternate team list will be based on the teams that commited in the second period of commitment (Jan 1 - Jan 15). A drawing will be made in order to get the teams that will play DC 1st round on Feb 8. The teams that didn't make into WG draw will be automatically considered as WG play-off teams. The eight seeds for WG 1st round will be determined in Jan 16 and also on this day, will happen the drawing for WG 1st round. A date for the drawing of WG play-offs will be determined later.

2. Nationality Change
If a player wants to change his/her nationality to be part of a DC team (in case their team does not have enough player or have too many players), he is allowed to. It is allowed to be done only once.

3. About Picks
Picks should be made for WG round and ZG round until WG SF when the pick is made for WG SF and WG playoffs. And WG Final pick is made based only WG Final match.

4. Teams
Teams should be with no less than 2 players and no more than 4 players. The players do not have to be ranked in Entry Ranking, only the captain. If a player that has not played for any other country wants to join the team after a round, he is allowed to do so only once if the team does not have 4 players.

5. Points System
The winning country in each confront is the country with the highest "points rate". The "points rate" comes from the division of the total amount of points made by all players in the team divided by the number of players of the team.
Confronts with equal "points rate" will be decided in the following way:
1- Country with the highest unique points amount (aka the country that has the player that made the highest amount of points in the confront)
2- Country with the best perfomance in WG (aka with the highest amount of points made only in WG matches)
3- if it is not 1st round, then highest amount of points in past confronts. if more than 1 confront, than the rate of the points amount.

The point system is the following:
World Group
Day 1: 10
Day 2: 20
Day 3: 30

Zonal Group 1 - 1st round (ex: Europe Group 1, Americas Group 1 and Asia/Oceania Group 1) -
Day 1: 6
Day 2: 12
Day 3: 20

Zonal Group 1 - 2nd round
Day 1: 3
Day 2: 6
Day 3: 10

World Group Play-Offs
Day 1: 1
Day 2: 3
Day 3: 5

6. Schedule
Feb 8 to Feb 10, 2008 - World Group First Round - picks made based in WG 1st round and ZGI 1st round matches
Apr 11 to Apr 13, 2008 - World Group Quarter Finals - picks made based in WG QF and ZGI 2nd round matches
Sep 19 to Sep 21, 2008 - World Group Semi Finals and World Group Play-offs (if needed) - picks made for both based in WG SF and WGP matches
Nov 21 to Nov 23, 2008 - World Group Final - picks made based in WG Final match.

About the rest, the normal Suicide Tennis rules are followed (late picks, etc).

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