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Re: Going for broke ALL the time

Originally Posted by Marek P. View Post
Federer usually feeds off his pace and gives it right back to him. This is incredibly hard to do.
That's because he has a short swing.

Originally Posted by BgStallion View Post
I thought you were a serve and volleyer?
Too hard to play that way consistently on clay (98% of the courts I have access are clay).

Originally Posted by celia View Post
It's my impression that folks that go for broke all the time are more likely to be baseliners, although they might throw in the occasional serve-n-volley.
The problem of going for winners on approach shots is that if the guy gets to the ball, he'll hit it back with all your power, so the volleys turn to nightmares.

About Federer vs Blake, Federer has a very short swing to hit off both sides (especially the forehand). This way he gets to Blake's flat balls and hit them with Blake's pace and more juice (and placement of course). It's not like most players that end up leaving a short ball after 3-4 flat shots.

Originally Posted by stebs View Post
Depends how good you are also. I S&V a lot and whereas in the Pro game it is an emphasis on SERVE and volley I almost always have to hit at list one volley which is tough and I don't often go for winners off these.
Yeah, when I go to the net on weaker shots, I usually just try to keep the first volley deep and firm to win the point on the second. Of course this has the big problem of giving a fast guy a second shot at passing you...
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