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Re: My new coach wants to change every damn thing about my game

Originally Posted by celia View Post
And it's pissing me off. I have a good game that I took years to build. But my coach got married and his wife has a fit when any attractive women show up for lessons. I understand her insecurity -- she stole him from his previous wife and she herself was a former student. So I decided to ease my stress and get a new coach. Last night was my first lesson with the new guy (who came highly recommended by the old guy). The first thing he did was tell me to stand 6 feet behind the baseline. I'm like, hey dude, Agassi is my hero and he stands on the baseline. I compromise by standing 6 inches behind it. What more do you want? He insists. So I move back. But it's not natural for me so after one shot, I find myself instinctively moving in. Then he says, stop hitting open stance on the forehand, you need to turn your shoulders. I'm like, what does it matter if my shots are effective? Then he's like, don't make such a loop on the backhand. I'm like, dude, my backhand stings, even YOU can't get it back. Then he's like don't toss so high on the serve. I'm like, dude what does it matter if I connect with the damn ball every time? And so it went, all night long.

So I've decided that I'm going back to my old coach. His insecure wife can go to hell. I need someone who won't try to change every damn thing about my game.

So, how do you deal with a change of coach? Am I rushing to judgment? Should I give New Guy a fairer shot or should I say to hell with the bitch and go back to the Old Guy?
That happens when you are a bad player... maybe?
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